From the hip

USA might lose enormous values, shows terrifying mathematics

When Fitch downgraded the US’s credit rating to AA+, the Biden regime described the timing as «bizarre». Instead, the responsible authorities should look back at 2023 as a pivotal year, and rather use the downgrade as a warning.

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Why are you lying, Jens?

Ukraine will lose the war within a few months. Yet, the former peace-lover Jens Stoltenberg continues to lie, apparently in consultation with the equally peace-loving government of Jonas Gahr Støre. Why, one wonders? Is it just because the warmongers in Washington D.C. behind the greatly diminished Biden have a vulnerable body part in a vise, […]

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The Jacobin Revolution is returning dressed as Democrats

The USA is experiencing a situation reminiscent of the French Revolution in the period 1793-94, when the Jacobins terrorized the French people. Now it is the Biden regime that is making life difficult for its internal enemies.

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