Document is a leading, conservative, independent and nationwide media house for news, political analysis and commentary.

We prioritise today’s major and defining issues, such as mass immigration to Norway and Europe and the problems this brings, as well as developments in the world’s most important countries such as the US. Further we also cover ideology and practice within the public sector, the climate change debate, the Middle East and religious conditions, not least, we closely follow Islamism as the most dangerous totalitarian movement of our time.

Document believes in the nation state as the best framework for a good and safe life, and we are concerned with preserving the prerequisites for the welfare state and democracy: a population that feels a sense of community, experiences mutual trust with each other and utilises natural resources and labour for the good of society.

Document also publishes a number of books in line with the editorial platform at the Document Publishing House.


The editors

Hans Rustad, the editor-in-chief for Document News, is a member of the Association of Norwegian Editors.

Document News operates in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press and the principles of the Association of Norwegian Editors. was named a Gazelle company by Dagens Næringsliv (Norway’s largest business paper) for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Editorial staff:

Hanne Tolg – CEO

Hans Rustad – Editor-In-Chief

Christian Skaug – Editorial Director / Publisher of Document Publishing House

Alf R. Jacobsen – Editor-At-Large

Øyvind Thuestad – Journalist

Rebecca Mistereggen – Journalist

Erling Marthinsen – Journalist

Geir Furuseth – Editorial Secretary

Kent Andersen – commentator

Helena Edlund – Journalist

Arnt Jensvoll – Journalist

Dan Henry Bøhler – TV production manager

Elisabeth Rooney – Journalist

John Martin Johansen – Journalist


Our contact details: A/S
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VAT organization number: 893 068 392

Mobile phone for the editors: +47 413 54 638

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We welcome donations!

You may use most bank cards for donations paid through the global payment system Stripe. Please see our donation page here.

You may also pay with Paypal to and if you have a Norwegian mobile phone, you may also pay through Vipps to 13629, has gradually become Norway’s largest independent opinion carrier, and we are growing rapidly. There is a dominant societal agenda that many do not agree with or are comfortable with. The need for an alternative conservative medium has never been greater.

The established media are unable to say anything sensible about the connections and changes that affect our lives. Changes that will have far-reaching consequences not only for us, but also for our future generations.

We put this into words, preferably with hard-hitting, honest descriptions and analyzes that sting. There is much at stake today and many values are threatened. Reason and freedom are two of them.

Norwegian media boast that they are no longer party-affiliated. But they soon mean exactly the same thing. Just as the difference between the parties is marginal.

On the opinion front, a culture of opinion has arisen which is subject to trends: what is decent, what suits and what one should think. It is not subject to the principles of information: knowledge, reliability, transparency and verifiability.

It is not based on reason and understanding, but changing emotions. It creates a public governed by irrationality. is here as an alternative to this – we will be a voice of freedom and reason that breaks out of the echo chamber and the noise.

We want to influence and correct the development. We believe that change must take place by preserving and building on our inherited values, traditions and wisdom that have given us our way of life and basis for living.

That’s why we exist, and that’s why our readership is growing.


The background and history of

Document was launched on 14th January 2003 by editor-in-chief Hans Rustad.

At the time, Document was the first journalistic website in Norway to start using blogging (weblog) as a format.

From starting out almost as a solo project, there are now close to forty people involved in various areas of Document – from article writers and journalists to ICT, TV technicians and moderators.

Document is Norway’s largest alternative conservative news medium and has a large and engaged readership. Monthly, the pages have around 400,000 unique readers and our Facebook pages also have over 58,000 followers.


Media coverage of Document

The fight for freedom of speech

“If ordinary workers cannot make use of their freedom of expression without risk of losing their jobs, they in reality have no freedom of expression.”

Anders Giæver, VG 10/10/2015

“A newspaper editor cannot refrain from printing a reader’s article if she disagrees with what is written there. In the same way, I make an editorial decision based on the legislation that refers to the principle of freedom of expression. Rejecting the unpleasant voices is contrary to this principle. Then we are no longer a library for everyone.”

Library manager Deichmanske library Kristin Danielsen, Aftenposten 22/10/2014 about Lars Vilk’s lecture about Dan Park at Deichmanske, organized by

“The critics have no interest in finding out what Dan Park wants to say with his pictures, they are only concerned with getting their own message across.”

Lars Vilks to NRK 17.10.2014 in connection with his lecture organized by

“ (has) assumed the position as one of the right-wing’s most important debate arenas for criticism of Islam and immigration issues.”

Klassekampen 22.01.2014

“Few test [the boundaries of] freedom-of-expression more than editor-in-chief Hans Rustad and the website”

Gunnar Stavrum, 18/12/2013

One of Norway’s most important media

“Online, they produce so much that the good articles are easily drowned in the crowd. (…) Whether you like them or not: When Document gets the flavor of an issue, you can count on it appearing in a somewhat toned-down form in the larger the newspapers a few weeks, months, or at worst years, later.”

Bjørn Stærk, Aftenposten 13/12/2013



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