The Western diet is under pressure. We are now told that we should eat insects or food made in a laboratory. Not least, we must cut down on the consumption of meat and ideally become vegetarians or vegans. Among other things, this must be done out of consideration for the global climate.

Now, however, a number of researchers from several countries are coming forward and defending the central place of meat in the food we eat. This is reported by the New York Post. These researchers believe that meat is of crucial importance for a balanced diet.

Experts behind nine new research papers published in Animal Frontiers support a declaration, The Dublin Declaration, which wants to defend the value of red meat. This is happening during a global increase in vegetarianism and veganism.

These experts reject claims that consuming red meat is unhealthy.

The group found that previous research suggesting that a diet high in red meat was responsible for 896,000 deaths worldwide was fundamentally flawed and should be retracted. This study, the major Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factor Study, has helped push the public away from consuming meat in favour of plant-based diets.

Alice Stanton from the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland is among those who claim that there are fatal scientific errors in the study which suggested that eating red meat is harmful. On the contrary, removing fresh meat and dairy products from the diet will harm many people’s health. Women, children, the elderly and people on low incomes will be particularly negatively affected by this, adds Stanton.

The researchers also warn that it is difficult to replace the nutritional value of meat with plant-based substitutes. Poor communities that do not eat as much meat often suffer from negative health effects and deficiency diseases.

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