Changing Norwegian governments and parliamentary majorities have for several decades deliberately worked to increase class differences. The ruling elites claim to work for reduced differences, but in practice, policies result in the opposite.

The road and car policy is a good example of poor people bearing an increasing share of the burdens of the wealthy. People who can afford to buy new electric cars pass toll stations with a lower rate, experience cheaper ferry tickets in many places and can park for free in many cities. New electric cars are sponsored by the state through reduced taxes.

On the other hand, those who cannot afford a Tesla, are required to drive old cars, pay Europe’s highest fuel taxes, pay full price at toll stations, on ferries and parking lots. People in Ryfylke who drive a fossil-fuel car in the Ryfast tunnel for daily work in Nord-Jæren, for example, have to fork out NOK 6,000 a month to commute.

A survey carried out by InFact on behalf of KNA shows that more than one in four motorists have been forced to reduce leisure activities for themselves and their families during the past year as a result of fuel prices. This is how the class differences are extended – as intended.

The last few days’ change of words in the public eye about the consumption of meat from cattle, sheep and goats gives the class distinctions a new dimension. Under the pretext that red meat is harmful to health and harmful to the environment, it is advocated that people should be required to reduce their meat consumption.

Fredrik Solvang introduced the Debate on Thursday by claiming that the scientists – definite majority – have given dietary advice that people should limit their meat consumption to 350 grams a week. This is equivalent to two hamburgers a week or two daily slices of beef roll on a slice of bread.

The problem with this “think of a number” game is that the claim is not true. Researchers and experts are far from in agreement. On the contrary, they strongly disagree with each other. Norwegian and Swedish researchers have withdrawn from a Nordic expert group as a result of official conclusions being drawn in advance and the work being based on unscientific methods.

In order to reach the absurd targets, the authorities will have to tax beef and mutton. This has already been proposed by Venstre, the most antisocial party Norwegians have experienced in half a century. Then only the wealthy can afford meat pies and mutton products. Poor people have to make do with kneipp bread, porridge and cabbage stew without meat.

State Secretary Ole Henrik Bjørkholt in the Ministry of Health and Care emphasised in the Debate that dietary advice must be fact-based. We agree with that. Letting in all sorts of fantasists under the guise of an expert title does not belong in an enlightened democracy.

It is excellent that people eat more fruit and vegetables – and less meat. The most important thing is to have a varied diet where meat, fish, dairy products and vegetables form part of a whole. But the point is that people have to decide for themselves. Vegans and vegetarians can make do with their own diet – and stop dictating other people’s menus. Meat consumption is now three times higher than two generations ago, but at the same time people live an average of 15 years longer. Consequently, meat is not as deadly as the fantasists would like it to be.

The extremists’ advice on diet results in even more imported food as only a small part of Norwegian soil, along with the Norwegian climate, is suitable for something other than producing grass. But this is turned into human food because animals eat grass and provide meat and milk. The recipe is therefore, to let Norwegian cultural soil grow again and instead take in food that others around the world need.

Meat is a class struggle – as are car taxes and fuel prices. The elite classes are constantly making new advances to increase the differences between people.

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