The restaurant received advertising on the windows and was decorated with green plants around the entrance area.

We are very happy to be able to welcome Norway’s only plant-based Burger King, said Olav Bæverfjord, Burger King’s Norwegian manager, in a press release sent out in connection with the stunt.

Avisa Oslo wrote about the case, however, in the comments section the stunt was not well received.

Good luck with the bankruptcy, wrote one reader.

There will not be much income that month, wrote another.

A third reader thought the restaurant would lose its customer base as a result of the change.

At the end of March, the profiling on the windows was removed, and now burgers with meat and other meat dishes are back on the menu.

Burger King claims the stunt was successful.

We were excited to see how our guests would accept four weeks of only plant-based food at Burger King in Storgata and now that we are sitting with the results, we are proud to say that this was a success. It has been exclusively a positive experience for both employees and guests. We have received a lot of good feedback, many have come to taste Burger King’s plant-based food, says Olav Bæverfjord to Avisa Oslo.

He claims customers would try the plant-based burgers when they learned it was the only thing on the menu.

At the same time, we have met several people who planned to buy a normal hamburger, but chose to test out plant-based alternatives when we explained that it was what we had on the menu instead of going somewhere else, says Bæverfjord.

However, he admits that customers who come at night were not happy with the lack of meat burgers.

It has been well visited both during the day and in the evenings, but we have had fewer visitors than we usually do at night.

When asked whether it might be relevant to do a similar stunt on a later occasion, or open their own plant-based restaurants in Oslo, Bæverfjord has chosen not to answer.

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