The USA is experiencing a situation reminiscent of the French Revolution in the period 1793-94, when the Jacobins terrorized the French people. Now it is the Biden regime that is making life difficult for its internal enemies.

Historian Victor Davis Hanson writes about this in an article in American Greatness.

We are in a Jacobin Revolution of the sort that in 1793-94 nearly destroyed France. And things are getting scary.

It is an interesting comparison, between two different political and historical events where one can discover many related features.

The Jacobins, led by the dictator Maximilien De Robespierre, declared war on the internal enemies, opponents of the Holy Revolution. The Biden regime has also declared war on various versions of «domestic terrorists».

The Democratic Party disappeared around the year 2020, Hanson believes. The party was swallowed up by ideologues belonging to the extreme left, determined to change the United States through its institutions.

We know the woke agenda: Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ+ activism, the tyranny during the pandemic, Black Lives Matter, the fuss about equity and of course the green madness.

But the Americans did not support these projects.

The American people want affordable power and fuel and energy autonomy. They do not want a Green New Deal that results in dependence on the Middle East.

Americans want a healthy and stable economy, not permanent stagflation with interest rate hikes, inflation, bank collapses, crony capitalism, public-private enterprises, and massive subsidies both to super-rich billionaires and people from the working class who don’t bother to work.

A clear majority of Americans understand that a country with open borders is no longer a real country, and that it is a scandal that American funds are transferred to criminal cartels that kill 100,000 Americans every year.

They require a solid defense and a realistic deterrence, not a defense that bets on trans ideology, Critical Race Theory and more equity in the armed forces.

The incessant focus on skin color also contributes to something reminiscent of the restoration of the Confederacy during the Civil War of 1861-65, only with the opposite sign. The left-wing fascists are leading the US towards a balkanization that could lead to civil war.

Since few Americans support these insane plans, those behind them must exploit the institutions. Institutions such as the CIA, the FBI, academia and the regime media follow obediently, and so do unions and the bureaucracy.

The judiciary is bought and paid for in several places and plays on the same team. And the few elements of the US Constitution that cause problems are under constant attack.

So the “Democrats” periodically threaten to pack the courts, end the filibuster, destroy the Electoral College, and override the states’ prerogatives to establish balloting laws.

Both freedom of speech and the right to bear arms, the two first Bill of Rights, are under constant attack.

But this revolution is different compared to the french.

This revolution is run by elites and is a top-down operation.

In the 60s, students demonstrated against university management, politicians and other power groups.

Today, university leaders are urging students to protest if someone does something as intolerable as inviting a conservative speaker to campus.

The chief og staff General Mark Milley talks about «white rage», while the forces he commands completely fool around in Afghanistan, leaving behind dead soldiers and military equipment worth 85 billion dollars. It is Trump’s fault, claims the White House in a new report.

The institutions are unrecognizable. In addition to the decay of the FBI, CIA and academia, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must be armed to fight the Democrats’ opponents.

The words change meaning. Racist means you are not a woke anti-racist. White is an offensive swear word. Diversity means complete simplicity of meaning. Equity means the opposite of justice and equality before the law. Inclusion means in the real world a massive exclusion.

The Jacobins changed the name of days and months, abolished Catholicism and Christianity, killed priests and bishops and introduced a new religion, the cult of the Supreme Being. All of this is recognizable in today’s situation, albeit in a less physically brutal form.

What triggered the collective madness and this modern Jacobin takeover?

The Left’s perfect storm of the 120 days of riot, death, arson and looting of 2020? The COVID pandemic? The disastrous two-year lockdown? The 2016 election of the outsider Donald Trump?

All those catalysts and more.

But it already started in the 60s, with the civil rights movement, then the fight for womens equal rights, then the gay issue. The problem was, as Douglas Murray writes in Madness of Crowds:

These groups had largely acceptable and fair goals. They even reached their targets, the trains rolled into the terminus. But instead of stopping and enjoying the victory, they went full throttle and continued into unknown terrain.

Then the Soviet Union fell, and the West lost the motivation for its steadfastness. The Internet spread, and then came social media. The result is our insane age.

Hanson envisions three future developments, two of which are bad news.

First, the Jacobins have two more years to finish what they started as the founders’ dream descends into our worst nightmare.

Second, the revolution has so warped our legal system, our voting on Election Day, and the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, and the IRS, that even a despised, unpopular Left will “win” elections.

The third is that New York prosecutor Alan Bragg has jumped the shark.

From a slightly different point of view, it is possible to recall what triggered the fall of Robespierre, so that he got to experience his own medicine and lost his head by the guillotine.

It was massive inflation and lost purchasing power that led to Les sans-culottes finally having enough. Biden is playing the same, dangerous game.

But it is not difficult to agree with Hanson, who believes that Bragg’s indictment of Trump is so obviously incoherent, illiberal and anti-American, that two-thirds of the country will soon conclude that the front line is about to break up.

Because neither the terror of the Jacobins nor the tyrannical madness of the Biden regime is sustainable in the long run. Therefore, Hanson believes that this new party, which still calls itself the Democrats, will not only lose the election in 2024.

They will be crushed and humiliated in such a brutal way that they will lose their last vestige of dignity.

The choice is ours.


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