The UN climate panel’s experts have long predicted less frost in Australia, but a publicly funded report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) concludes the opposite; that the frost season is increasing in length throughout southern Australia, in some places by as much as 40 extra days a year.

The researchers have known this long-term trend for years without either them or the media finding reason to mention it. The same applies to ABC.

Lowest temperatures ever

This autumn is particularly cold in Australia. In several cities, the lowest temperature ever was recorded, down to minus 4.8 degrees.

Parts of Queensland, the Northern Territory, New South Wales and Western Australia experienced massive frost last weekend. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology recorded temperatures below zero degrees in the city of Tamworth, for example. Snow is also expected over the Australian Alps.

Sky News Australia meteorologist Alison Osborne said the cold spell would continue for the next few days and in many areas temperatures were expected to be “well below average”:

This is to date and without a doubt, the coldest measured temperature in Sydney and Canberra. A number of May and autumn records at the lower end of the scale will be easily broken. Large areas are expected to reach near freezing.

The first real winter day

Already at the beginning of this month, snow and hail fell in parts of Canberra in south-east Australia. Residents called it their “first real winter day.” Rain, hail and snow also fell in parts of New South Wales. Back then, the low temperatures didn’t break many records, but they do now.

Cold records: Snowing in Sydney for the first time since 1836

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