On the web, we can read that the climate in Sydney is consistently pleasant and temperate:

It rarely feels either uncomfortably hot or cold. The city can be visited at any time, but the winter months of June to August can get chilly. It hasn’t snowed in Sydney since 1836.

But now it’s snowing – or rather snowing – and it hasn’t done so since 07.00 on 28 June 1836. That’s 187 years ago.

It is one of the strangest recorded weather episodes in Sydney.

Australia faces a freezing week. A cold front has sent snow and hail across large parts of the continent – with even more to come.

The winter weather has arrived before winter and the forecasters say that it is far from over.

Cold records, unlike heat records, tend to disappear from the news. Without alarming comments about a new ice age and global cooling, NRK broadcast a small clip about snow in Sydney:

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