A person was transported to St. Olav’s hospital in Trondheim by helicopter on Wednesday afternoon, after what the police describe as a “violent incident”. The man was injured in the stomach region, but the police do not want to say anything about the object used. One person has been arrested.

At 16:33 the police received a notification of an incident outside at the Esso station in Frosta.

The police were on the scene at 5:03 p.m., says operations manager Arnt-Harald Aaslund at Trøndelag police district.

He said at half-past eight that the incident appeared somewhat unclear for the time being.

We are talking about a violent incident between two or more people. It is currently a bit unclear, said Aaslund. (Adresseavisen)

The police informed Adressa that the “incident” could have happened before the police were notified. A little later, the police announced on Twitter that a man had been arrested.

Duty lawyer Hanne Sivertsen Berg at Trøndelag police district said that there were two people who knew each other and that the suspect was arrested in his home.

The victim was flown to St. Olav’s hospital, says Berg.

We have been informed that he is now undergoing surgery. We don’t know the extent of the injury, says Berg in Sjutida on Wednesday.

He was injured in his stomach region, says Berg.

She also states that the police have information that an object used in connection with the incident, but will not comment more. (Adresseavisen)

The Trondheim police armed themselves after indiscriminate violence against a man who was walking the dog

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