A man in his 20s was sent to St. Olav’s hospital on Sunday morning with a wound to his stomach, after being subjected to a violent attack. The police have armed themselves and are looking for several suspects.

A man in his 20s is slightly injured. He is in the hospital and receiving treatment, says operations manager Anne Birgitte Arras in the Trøndelag police district to Adresseavisen.

The man was on a walk with his dog in Romolslia, called the police’s emergency number himself at 05.24. He is believed to have been conscious the whole time and is not seriously injured, say the police.

The victim has been conscious the entire time, we have spoken to him. He has given a vague description of two men, she says.

The man explained that they met on a footpath.

They pushed into each other, and then he noticed afterwards that he had an injury. He was bleeding from the stomach, she says.

According to the police, an object may have been used, but it is unclear. (Adresseavisen)

The police told Adresseavisen that they had completed their review of the scene at 08.15, however no one had been arrested. Earlier it was stated that several patrols were out looking for several suspects.

It appears random, and it is a serious matter, says Bergstrøm.

Several patrols have been deployed in the search, with a dog patrol also being used on the mission.

If anyone has seen anything, contact the police, she states. (Adresseavisen)

No information has been provided.

Romolslia is a residential area located seven kilometres south of the centre of Trondheim. The condominium is made up of 488 housing units divided into apartments in high-rise buildings, apartments in low-rise buildings and three main variants of terraced houses.

Moving out with armed police: Man who walked the dog exposed to violence (Adresseavisen – payment wall)

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