There have been plenty of terrorist attacks on Israel. A dozen or so conventional wars of various magnitude have been waged against the Jewish state. And more often there have been mixtures of both.

Hamas seems inspired by ISID. The brutallity in Israel reminds us of the atrocities in Rwanda in 1994.

This is what Victor Davis Hanson writes in American Greatness. One of the common features is the gruesome videos showing the killing of young women in front of a bloodthirsty Gaza mob.

There appears a natural desire of everyday Gazans to video the mutilations, an embrace of the spitting on the doomed, a frenzied effort to mutilate the dead—and the absence of a single Gazan objecting to the group murder of a civilian.

Hamas acted with great support from its own population. Even in British universities and in Western cities, the brutality is celebrated.

The truth is that there is something so terribly wrong in Gaza that the United States should stay as far away from this barbarity as possible, writes Hanson. He asks the question: Why did Hamas attack Israeli cities, where so many civilians lost their lives, and at least 130 have been kidnapped and taken to Gaza?

The Palestinians have taken on an IS role, perhaps thinking they would shock the Israelis into a sort of collective fetal position. But Hamas is grossly mistaken, Hanson believes. The effect will be exactly the opposite, both in Israel and in large parts of the world.

The sheer horror of their methods, and the cowardice shown by focusing on teen-aged girls and children rather than the IDF, will have the exact opposite effect, both in Israel and worldwide.

Israel is now forced to recognize that a peaceful coexistence with Hamas is impossible. Therefore, the blockade of Gaza, which has already been implemented, must become permanent. Israel must therefore adopt a strategy of chronic disproportionate response from now on.

After the inhuman acts carried out by Hamas at the weekend, Israel will probably receive broad support from all civilized authorities and large sections of the people. Against bestial actors such as Hamas, there are no other options, and we can expect violent attacks against Gaza in the future.

Supporters of the Palestinians continue their actions, such as the Palestine Committee here at home and the extreme socialists The Squad and Democratic Socialist in the USA. But they will face the wall.

In other words, few will pay any more attention to the Squads of the world, or the radical Jew-haters of the Western Left, or the Democratic-Socialists of America who cheered on the killing. They are now revealed on the side of death for death’s sake and cannot be reasoned with.

This is not the time to support e.g. The Democratic Socialists of America, who yesterday invited a support demonstration for the Palestinians in New York, where they encouraged the demonstrators to show up masked with swastikas.

– Wear a mask so you’re not recognized. Best to just let the swastikas do the talking.

Less than 80 years after the Holocaust, black-clad cadres of killers are once again on the hunt for the Jews, to execute them on the spot, preferably as painfully and humiliatingly as possible. But there is a difference between the reactions to Hamas’ murderous mobs and their sources of inspiration in Nazi Germany, writes Hanson.

Between 1941-45 America fought to destroy the SS and its hired local death squads. But in 2023, the Biden administration has restored hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority and to Gaza under Hamas.

Germany supports the new SS actors with over 200 million dollars in 2022 as an individual country, in addition to participating in the EU’s allocation of over 114 million dollars. Germany is thus the biggest financial supporter of the murders of Jews.

They wished to force, for example, the Saudis to endorse their mutilation of corpses or else be to seen as sell-outs to the “Jews.”

This was probably led by Iran, which fears an agreement between Israel and the Sunni Arab states. At the same time, the attack was carried out immediately after the 50th anniversary of the start of the Yom Kippur War, on 6 October 1973.

Perhaps Hamas thought they would get more support from Iran and their front soldiers Hezbollah. But Iran contented itself with supplying weapons, and Hezbollah only participated with a few rocket attacks. They did not send large numbers of troops into Israel.

So even if people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a few others are already talking about a cease-fire, as if the Israel Defense Force is just going to lay down its arms and accept that many hundreds of civilians have been slaughtered, Israel will have the support of most people, no matter how hard they attacks Hamas and their supporters.

Hamas may have believed that Israel was divided because of the demonstrations over the legal reforms. But as a nation that has lived near a perpetual front line since 1948, Hamas has underestimated Israelis’ willingness to defend themselves when their women and children are considered legitimate targets.

There is no doubt that the Biden regime has contributed to this terrorist attack being able to happen, writes Hanson. For Biden, he acted as if Hamas were a legitimate political organization in the Middle East, even though they have blocked elections in Gaza since 2006.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Biden regime promoted the perception that the US was withdrawing from its traditional support for Israel – to the delight of Hamas – based on an inexplicable policy.

By distancing itself from Israel and flirting with Iran, the Biden administration created the opportunity for the weekend attack. Because among the new, woke-infected Democrats, the attitude has spread: Israel is not a legitimate state, and the Palestinians are fighting for freedom.

Exactly the same attitudes characterize Norwegian politics.

The US State Department posted a later-deleted call on its website that shows how insanely many American bureaucrats think.

«We urged all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing».

All sides? No retaliation after 900 people are killed, mostly civilians?

Here it is implied that both parties are equally bad, and that Israel should not counterattack. This comes in the wake of Biden giving Iran $6 billion. Iran’s biggest dream is to raze all of Israel to the ground. But almost from day one in the Oval Office, Biden has worked hard to resume the flow of money to Iran.

Biden named the pro-Iranian Israel-hater Robert Malley as chief negotiator with Iran. Malley is now under investigation by the FBI for security breaches, which include the disclosure of classified documents.

Imagine that: Iran now cheers on mass death in Israel while its agents and provocateurs burrow into the U.S. government (which might explain the Biden State Department’s immediate call to cease Israeli retaliation).

In summary, it is obvious that the Biden regime has restored the madness and general attitude of the Obama regime that gave increased power to Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. This should create a «balance» in the power structure between so-called moderate Arab nations and Israel through a kind of «creative tension». Biden also symbolized the continuation of this policy by showing his disgust with the Israeli government of Benjamín Netanyahu.

In addition, weapons that were actually intended for the IDF have been held back and instead ended up in Kiev. It is also quite possible that Israel will soon have to defend itself against American weapons that Biden left in the clutches of the Taliban.

The US was humiliated in Afghanistan and when Putin invaded Ukraine in full. China rattles its sabers around Taiwan, and the NATO country Turkey is a de facto ally of Russia. Erdogan has also demanded that the Americans stay away from Gaza, and that Turkey will defend the Palestinians by all means.

Will Biden finally understand, after the tragedies in Ukraine and Israel, that borders actually matter? Because the United States is also under attack, to the benefit of the criminal cartels, Mexico and Beijing.

The US is in a crisis, but Israel is in an existential war, and the US has to support them, instead of supporting Israel’s enemies, Hanson believes.

In a sane world, the Biden administration would immediately cancel all talks with Iran, renew sanctions, and stop any cash transferences.

It would stop all aid to the West Bank and Gaza. It would put a travel ban on anyone from Iran or the West Bank and Gaza and pull visas of any currently from Palestine in the U.S. It would immediately ramp up defense spending, especially on missile defense, dismantle the woke commissariat in the Pentagon, and prepare for the unthinkable and existential abroad.

But there is likely zero chance that the handlers of Joe Biden will do any of that, is the sad conclusion of Victor Davis Hanson.

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