The USA seems paralyzed and approaching its downfall, Europe takes the lead

A nation and a civilization are in great trouble when they can’t tolerate either the disease or the medicine. The USA is sick, but the Biden regime is delivering an endless series of wrong medications. The situation is even worse in Europe. If civilization is to survive, it needs a spiritual revolution.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Israel is facing an existential war

There have been plenty of terrorist attacks on Israel. A dozen or so conventional wars of various magnitude have been waged against the Jewish state. And more often there have been mixtures of both.

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The ‘laptop class’ maintains a mental barricade separating them from those responsible for the actual infrastructure of our world.

As a psychiatrist, you can often step out of the bubble you find yourself in. I worked for many years in rural areas and spent a significant number of hours discussing the emotional lives of male and female blue-collar workers. That was when I learned most of our patients don’t have psychological problems — they have […]

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An African Perspective on France’s Role in Niger

The coup in Niger, the world’s poorest exporter of uranium, can open the doors for jihadists who are already wreaking havoc in neighboring countries – but behind the story lies a narrative of French neocolonialism and political foolishness. The background is that Niger’s sitting president, Mohamed Bazoum, was ousted in a military coup led by […]

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The Paradoxical Decline of Female Happiness in Egalitarian Norway

If Simone de Beauvoir fantasized her ideal world, it would look much like Norway today. The well-being of women in Norway, perfect egalitarian Norway, is imploding. It’s been exactly 60 years since the rise of second-wave feminism. The results should serve as a stern warning for everyone. For over half a century, one policy to […]

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Trump mops the floor with CNN host

CNN thought maybe they were going to hang Trump out to dry for the viewers. Instead, it was Trump who washed the floor with Kaitlin Collins. She was no match for Trump. She thought she could put Trump in her place, but hadn’t done her homework.

CNN’s town hall at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire became a showcase for Trump and his opponents are raging at CNN for being stupid enough to let him in.

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Communism conquers America

«Could it happen here in the United States? It’s already happening here.» Because communism, or left-wing fascism, has really taken hold of the United States, which is increasingly reminiscent of the Soviet Union. Dennis Prager writes about this in American Greatness.

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The World Economic Forum’s ‘AI Enslavement’ is Coming for YOU!

The mission objective of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is remarkably simple: the smartest, best people in the world should rule everyone else. In WEF parlance, their schemes of total supervision and behavioral modification will create a “sustainable” future for humanity. Humans become nothing more than “things” to be counted, shuffled, categorized, tagged, monitored, manipulated, […]

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