CNN thought maybe they were going to hang Trump out to dry for the viewers. Instead, it was Trump who washed the floor with Kaitlin Collins. She was no match for Trump. She thought she could put Trump in her place, but hadn’t done her homework.

CNN’s town hall at St. Anselm College in New Hampshire became a showcase for Trump and his opponents are raging at CNN for being stupid enough to let him in.

Trump had the hall in the palm of his hand. They caught all the insinuations, little jabs Trump gave the young beautiful lady in white who tried but didn’t have the strength. Trump showed the tact that made him win in 2016 and in 2020 and people love to hear him put the mouthpiece of power in place.

Collins tries to skewer Trump on one issue after another that is CNN dogma: Do you promise not to talk about the 2020 election anymore and say it was stolen?

Trump of course replies that as long as the questions are not answered he will continue to do so.

She wants him to admit that he incited the 6 January unrest in Congress. But the propaganda rests on flimsy feet. CNN can quote what he said as early as January 5: Remember to behave peacefully.

-What about the prisoners and the defendants, what will you do? asks a retired lawyer.

– I will pardon most of them, they live in hell, Trump said without hesitation, and the hall applauded.

This must have come off the back of CNN. Do they not yet understand that Trump is the greatest communicator to ever occupy the White House?

Trump is absolutely crushing and on home soil. Collins asks if he will also pardon the four from the Proud Boys who have just been sentenced.

Trump replies that “we’ll have to look at it, but it’s impossible for Maga to get a fair case in a court in Washington and the same applies to New York” he says with an understatement and the hall roars.

Collins brings up that he was convicted of sexual assault the night before.

Trump responds that E. Jean Carroll was married to a journalist,  John Johnson, a very likable man, and Carroll called him “a monkey.” The man was black.

She has a cat she calls Vagina, says Trump. – This was information we were refused to present in court.

She also told Anderson Cooper that all women dream of being raped.

-I do not know her. I never met her, Trump said.

Collins was frustrated, this is not going quite as expected. Now she is on the defensive. She needs to bring up the Billy Bush video from the fall of 2016 that the media was sure was going to destroy Trump. The one where he says he can take girls between his legs. Do you stand by what you said, Collins asks.

– I can take it back if that’s what you want, but it’s been like this for millions of years. Rich, famous people have certain advantages that they take advantage of, Trump said soberly and without fakery. It is his tone that makes the audience like what they hear. He doesn’t pretend.

An oral surgeon assistant asks: Inflation is killing us, I’m paying $700 more a month. How will you fix the economy?

Trump responds with three words: Drill, baby, Drill!

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