«Could it happen here in the United States? It’s already happening here.» Because communism, or left-wing fascism, has really taken hold of the United States, which is increasingly reminiscent of the Soviet Union. Dennis Prager writes about this in American Greatness.

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined what I was studying would ever apply to the United States of America, the freest country in world history.

When a younger Prager thought of communism, he thought of countries like Russia/Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Cambodia and North Korea.

These countries had something in common: All had a long history characterized by a lack of freedom, and all (with the exception of Cuba) were outside Western civilization.

But now Prager sees that he was wrong. Communism, or left-wing fascism and totalitarianism, is infiltrating the United States and Canada, and gradually Australia and New Zealand.

200 years of freedom, based on Judeo-Christian values ​​and reason, produced unprecedented progress and gigantic achievements – none of this means anything anymore to half the population of the United States or the country’s most important institutions, writes Prager.

Our universities have become moral and intellectual wastelands—almost as ideologically pure as Moscow State University was in the Soviet era.

Stanford University has seven times as many employees in the administration (15,750) as in the faculties (2,288).

The LGBTQ plague is far more contagious than covid-19. So-called trans-inclusive language abounds. Harvard Medical School no longer uses words such as “pregnant woman”, this has been replaced with person giving birth.

Teachers are told to cut out words such as boy and girl, and allow children to change their names and gender identity without parents being informed.

Children’s hospitals distribute hormone blockers to children, which can lead to lifelong sterility. Healthy, physically healthy children are surgically mutilated.

Students at elite schools such as Harvard and Yale act as if they are Komosomol, the youth organization of the Soviet Communist Party. If a conservative person is invited to campus, American students act like pure Hitler Youth.

Freedom of expression is disappearing, without this bothering almost half of the students. They do not believe in freedom of speech, they are concerned with punishing hateful speech, which in practice means all the speech left-fascists disagree with.

Since Lenin, no left-wing institution or country has ever allowed dissent, and the Left in America—which is elected and defended by liberals—is no exception.

Sanity has been replaced by madness. In both Ontario and Oregon, education authorities have declared it racist to have only one answer to a math problem.

In 2020, it was announced that the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. defined objective, rational and linear thinking, hard work, the nuclear family, respect for authority and delayed gratification as a symbol of «whiteness».

During the pandemic,  CDC and other health institutions trashed science, closely followed by ditching basic decency. Relatives were not allowed to say a final goodbye to their loved ones, who died in solitude. The same thing happened in Norway, which had consequences for my own family.

Such atrocities can never be forgiven.

Watch this interview in English, our editor Hans Rustad talking with Dennis Prager.

Doc-TV: Et møte med Dennis Prager

Systematic child abuse a reality

The teachers’ unions sacrificed the children and closed the schools for two years. The authorities recommended an experimental injection for children as young as 6 months of age.

At the same time, the doomsday religion around climate change is being reinforced, which not only destroys the economy, but which also makes young people fear the future. In addition, LGBTQ tyranny pushes its way into children’s lives right from kindergarten.

The result is lost education, isolation, anxiety, and the highest rates of depression and suicide among young Americans ever recorded.

The Department of Justice and the security services of the United States look more and more like their Soviet predecessors. The media are at least as loyal to the Democrats as Pravda and Izvestia were to the Communist Party.

The police are to be defunded, and George Soros controls district attorneys who ignore serious crime.

Violent and Marxist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa can wreak havoc as they please, but if you strolled past Congress on January 6, they languish in solitary confinement without charge for over two years, and those who actually end up in a courtroom are sentenced to long sentences.

A seven-year-old meme about Hillary Clinton could lead to 10 years in prison.

It is as ed. Rustad writes: It is reminiscent of the Moscow trials.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the American left arrested a former president from the opposition party. Now the time has come, with Alvin Bragg at the helm. Bragg is one of many Soros-funded district attorneys.

It is as I wrote in 2021 (In Norwegian, try Google translate): The Red Guards are marching again. But this time it is about to demolish history’s absolute best and most functioning democracies.

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