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Doc-TV International: Truth comes to light

News which were once branded Fake News by corporate media and their friends, who all like to be outside the picture and in the dark, telling the mass news consumer what to believe, are now coming to light. Thus tonight we got Breaking News for you all. Charles Ortel is again our guest, and again he’s bringing us up to date on the Obamas, the Bidens, the Clintons and the Pelosis. Stay tuned!

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Doc-TV International: At an all time low

In the US, the public’s trust in their leaders is collapsing, as in several other nations where people have taken to the streets to protest. Charles Ortel talks to Geir Furuseth about this and other developments of the Great New Reset, which the ordinary MSM is trying their best to ignore. Should we look to Mexico or the BRIC countries for help?

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Doc-TV International: A warning from Norway

Big Brother may have been created in the dungeons of Hollywood and Davos, but innocent looking Norway is now in the forefront of implementing the most dystopian principles of the former entertainment show. «Look to Norway», FDR said once. The phrase needs to repeated, but for the exact opposite reasons. Charles Ortel and Geir Furuseth will tell you why!

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Doc-TV International: Yet another political pandemic

Document welcomes back Dr. Robyn Cosford to talk about Covid-19, the vaccine, Monkeypox and the similar stories the World Health Organization (WHO) is telling about these viruses.

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Doc-TV International: People fleeing the US

The future looks bleak, indeed. But today we’d like to say Look to Texas! They sent a message out to the world today: Migrants can make it, but not with Biden in da’ House!

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Doc-TV International: with Charles Ortel

In today’s broadcast Charles Ortel and Geir Furuseth cover a whole brick load of topics that might help you all to shed some light on what the MSM prefer to keep in the dark. We bring you news about two suspicious suicides in Little Rock, Arkansas with a link to the deceased perv Jeffrey Epstein, and lo and behold: 99 year old Henry Kissinger’s speech to the World Economic is also broached upon. 

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