Most politicians and voters  are totally clueless as to what the Deep State(s) have built up together with their wealthy globalist friends and various Intelligence apparatuses. It’s frightening, but nevertheless Charles Ortel will, together with Geir Furuseth, try to give you all a few more clues. What’s happening in the USA today, is important for all of us. Watch!

Last week Geir reminded our viewers to follow Charles Ortel’s Twitter account. Well, if you didn’t heed last week’s recommendation, maybe you will after watching this week’s broadcast. Why? Well see what Charles Ortel tweeted hours before this program was taped:

Charles and Geir will naturally only be able to scratch the surface of this long and partially shocking article from The Conservative Treehouse, published earlier today, August 11th. Hopefully our clues will lead you too, to seek the truth that most of us are denied.

Via the comments on the unprecedented and possible quite illegal FBI razzia of Trump’s estate, Mar-A-Lago, and the (hidden in plain sight) reasons for said razzia, Obama and Hilary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and their good Norwegian friends, Jens Stoltenberg and Jonas Gahr Støre come sliding into the conversation. Not entirely without reasons, as you may see!

After all this we round off with a clip from another outspoken truth seeker, Steve Bannon, who held an incredibly important speech at CPAC, last Monday. A Document-article (in Norwegian) on and with the entire speech is to be found here.

You may also want to check out this excellent Commentary by our Editor-in-Chief, Hans Rustad: Staten vil kartlegge våre liv på samme måte som Big Tech (use Google Translate).

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