Joe Biden is on his way out, but the US Department of Justice and the Swamp are dragging their feet. Everyone is waiting for a new Sheriff in Town. Screenshot: From the poster for the movie, High Noon – 1952.

The leaks indicating widespread corruption by the current White House resident and his family are growing in tandem with the lawsuits against Donald Trump. The discrimination is overwhelming. How long before the moment of reckoning comes? US Analyst Charles Ortel says it’s about time something happens. Who will be the new Sheriff?

In today’s show Charles Ortel and host Geir Furuseth look at who will make the first move, breaking the absurd drama now threatening to make the US lose all credibilty.

Will the Masters of Deception, capi di tutti capi, manage to steer the the Democratic party into leading their present President and his VP, Kamala Harris out the backdoor, before it’s too late for the Democrats to rescue their hold on US politics?

Or, will the Republican majority in the US House of Representatives finally be able to get their act together and start the process of impeaching the capo di tutti capi of the Biden family, before their hope of getting a Republican back in the role as the Sheriff goes down the drain?

Nobody knows who’ll be the contenders in next year’s Presidential elections in the US. Well, except for Donald J. Trump, perhaps.

We don’t have the answers, but Charles and Geir are well aware that the battle over Biden is within the Republican Party, too.


Rumble will be available around 9 PM, Norwegian time.

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