To open an impeachment inquiry against Biden, there must be a majority in the House of Representatives. That majority is razor thin. There’s increasing pressure for something to happen, but anonymously, Republicans tell media friendly to Biden that they are not convinced. Where’s the evidence? They only see claims.

Politico quotes several anonymous Republicans expressing doubt. This angers representatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene. If the Republicans can’t show decisiveness now, the voters will never forgive them, and they will most likely lose the election.

But these Republicans seem willing to pay that price. We saw the same thing play out with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who on Tuesday had his second “freeze” moment in five weeks. He was asked if he planned to run for re-election and became rigid, staring blankly ahead. An aide tried to get him started again. The whole incident was quite embarrassing.

Yet, no Republican senators come forward to say that McConnell can’t do the job. He needs to be replaced. No one said that during his first freeze moment either. They fear losing donor funds that McConnell controls.

McConnell is 81, Nancy Pelosi is 83, Biden is 80, Schumer is 72, Senator Dianne Feinstein is 90 – the American political elite is becoming a group of old-timers clinging to power, much like the old Soviet Union under Brezhnev.”

NTB {The Norwegian News Agency}extensively reported on McConnell’s freeze moment, but they write nothing about Biden’s verbal and physical missteps. If it isn’t reported, it doesn’t exist, at least not for the audience. Such journalism can be labeled as deceitful.

The two parties are intertwined in a network of interests and corruption. One hand washes the other. The Republicans have the biggest problems because their grassroots have been taken over by MAGA, Trump’s voters. They wage war against these patricians who think only of themselves. The Democrats have moved so far to the far-left that voters have lost touch with them. They can only stay afloat with the help of the Republicans, and here’s where the betrayal kicks in: If Republicans save the Democrats from disaster, it will be at the expense of the American people.

Republicans defending Biden must swallow hard. The list of issues is extensive:

There are 172 reports at the American Financial Supervisory Authority for “suspicious transactions”. It’s an extraordinarily high number, suggesting suspicious activity. As evidence has surfaced, the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice have suppressed them. It’s the opposite of what they should do, and voters react when they see the series of charges against Trump. Justice and equality under the law have been consistent American themes. People ask, what’s happening to America?

But the stories spun by Biden Inc. keep resurfacing, catching up with them: Mike McCormick was Biden’s stenographer for several years. He followed on trips to Ukraine and China. He heard then-National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan tell the press on board Air Force Two how they would assist Ukraine in developing its gas sector. The date was April 14, 2014, the same month Hunter Biden joined the board of gas company Burisma with a salary of $83,000 per month, despite no qualifications. A few weeks earlier, Biden was appointed as a special envoy to Ukraine. The sequence speaks for itself: Biden first gets appointed as Washington’s main person for Ukraine, and then his son receives a massive sum to sit on the board of the gas company, Burisma.

In December, the Obama administration gave Ukraine $50 million to develop its energy sector. It all stank, but the media didn’t want to know. They had adopted the role of a PR company for the Democrats and Obama.

Burisma announced on May 12 that Hunter had joined their board. It shouldn’t take a genius to add two plus two.

A year later, the oligarch behind Burisma wants a return on Hunter’s money: He wants Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin removed. Shokin is too intrusive. Joe does this in a way he has specialized in: He labels Shokin corrupt. The corrupt accuses the innocent of being corrupt. Biden has used this method countless times, and it works.

In 2015, Joe Biden threatened towithhold $1 billion from Ukraine if the Ukrainian government did not fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.

A year later, Biden is on the podium at the Foreign Council, boasting that he pressured President Poroshenko to fire Shokin. He threatened to withhold 1 billion dollars if the prosecutor wasn’t dismissed. ‘You have no authority to do this,’ Poroshenko responded. ‘Here’s Obama’s number. Call him and ask,’ Biden replied, and ‘darn, he got fired,’ Biden laughed on stage.

In 2017, the Democrats in Congress initiated the first impeachment proceedings against Trump because, in a phone call with Zelensky, he allegedly used American aid as leverage to force the Ukrainians to investigate the Democrats’ contacts in the country. Such a quid pro quo deal is illegal.

But it turned out that Trump hadn’t done anything improper. However, it was exactly what Biden had done excessively, and many knew.

The FBI knew; they obtained Hunter’s laptop where the business was described in detail. The Department of Justice knew.

But they buried the compromising information and the warnings that the stenographer received, just as Tony Bobulinski, Biden’s business partner, was told that the FBI would be in touch.

They never heard back.


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