Adidas with male model for swimwear
Hanne Tolg 18/05/2023 12:48

Adidas takes a Bud Light and features a man as a female swimsuit model on its website. “Inclusion” of trans people has long since come at the expense of women who feel pushed out by men with lipstick and male genitalia and who can never give birth to children.

It didn’t pay off for Bud Light:

Adidas with male model for swimwear Trans Dylan Mulvaney advertised for Bud Light. This led to a dramatic drop in sales figures for the company. “Go Woke – go broke” – as the saying goes:

Most people dislike the fact that business engages in woke activism. When it is the retail trade that wants to show that they are for “everyone”, the majority of buyers feel excluded. They show this simply by boycotting the products. There is no balance in advertising anymore. In all Western European countries we sit and watch advertising that no longer reflects reality.

It has become completely surreal, all the while each and every product tries to adapt to a tiny market that consists of a “modern” family with (usually) a white woman, a black man and two brown children. After 5-7 minutes of advertising where we see that white people are more or less absent, one wonders where the central marketing strategy of recognition and identification has gone.

In Britain, it is already a rarity to see an advertisement with a white family with parents of different genders and no visible disabilities. The skewed representation of the country’s population is noticed. The striking development has become something people are talking about. Because everyone can see it – every day.

Not buying something is the only power consumers have left. The Western population is forced by politicians and big industry to swallow camels, but they cannot force us to buy consumer goods that shove their “good values” down our throats.

Women react strongly to a man being used to sell a bathing suit for women.

On Adidas’ website, this garment gets 1 star (out of a possible five), with many comments from women who boycott Adidas. Here’s a bunch:

We hope that it goes with Adidas as it did with Bud Light. They have earned it.

Women are tired of being pushed out in favour of men who would like to be women, but with their penis intact. Where is our toilet where we can feel safe? Here is a picture taken at a rest area on the E18 a week ago:



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