NRK reports on book bans in the United States and claims Republicans want to ban all books they don’t like. The state-run news fails to tell viewers that many books contain pornographic material, such as Gender Queer, which many consider child porn. Islam-friendly NRK also omits that Muslims have turned up at schools in droves to protest graphic books and curricula.

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) is the largest media organization in Norway and gets 94 % of its funding from taxpayers. Norwegians are therefore forced to pay for left-wing indoctrination, including biased news coverage from the United States.

Document News’ job is to call them out because the activists tell a story about America we do not recognize.

Last week NRK published a short video about book banning in the United States, and before we watch the video, we know they will portray Republicans as the villains who want to ban any book they don’t like – NRK is that predictable.

In Norway’s left-wing media, Democrats are good, and Republicans are evil.

Gender Queer is child porn. NRK pretends it is innocent

A young female journalist holds up the book Gender Queer and tells the audience it is banned in the US. She shows pictures from the book, which are quite innocent. A young boy is at the beach with his father and remembers a field trip he took in third grade.

Viewers who trust the channel and rely on NRK for news about America will wonder why Gender Queer is banned in many states across the country. Had they seen the entire book, they would understand.

Sometimes words are unnecessary; in this case, a picture tells a thousand words. Below is just one of the Gender Queer pornographic content. The Iowa Standard has posted several shocking photos from the book and writes that Gender Queer can be found in every school library in Iowa.

If NRKs staff who have children believe that Gender Queer is appropriate in primary schools in Norway, they have a problem.

We don’t need school books that show boys how to suck d***.

As the video continues, we are told that there is a lot of talk about book bans in the US, and many states have strict rules for what kind of books should be available in schools. According to Pen America, around 1,650 books were removed from schools from July 2021 – July 2022.

The consequence of censorship of books is a lack of access to knowledge and that oppressed groups in society are not heard, says Pen America to NRK.

The trend of banning books is increasing, says NRK’s journalist, and books that are removed deal with race, gender identity, and sexuality.

We encourage NRK to watch the video of eleven-year-old Knox Zajac in Maine to get a different perspective.

However, it would probably not change their minds. The state channel does not care what is indoctrinated into the minds of sixth graders in the USA because, in their world, everything is about race, gender identity, and sexuality.

Young Knox is in the sixth grade, and back in February, he read a page from the graphic novel Nick and Charlie at a school board meeting. Knox borrowed the book from the school library, which has a 14-year age limit.

The book was displayed by the front door, and Knox (11) rented it to show his father. He tells the school board the librarian asked him if he was interested in other graphic novels.

Knox’s father also speaks to the school board, showing them the book Gender Queer. He says, among other things:

«This is bullshit. We don’t need literature in school showing boys how to suck d***.»

The father is furious. We feel his anger, and we want to contact NRK and tell them to report on the Real America – a sex-obsessed and vulgar left, just like them.

Knox Zajac confronts school board by reading them pornographic material found in his school.

AOC is NRKs role model – the most radical Democrat in the House

Furthermore, NRK informs the viewers about the states that have removed the most books and then shows a video of Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis is the Norwegian media’s enemy #2 after Trump.

The journalist again shows the book Gender Queer and says that those who want to ban such books think they are too pornographic and harmful, which they, without a doubt, are.

But NRK will not tell you that.

Then comes what we predicted because we know NRK so well:

“Pen America believes that removing books is political and that conservative politicians remove books they disagree with, which causes Democrats to react.”

We then have to endure a TikTok video that features a hysterical Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the most radical Democrat in the House.

«These are the books banned because of Republicans», she says, and her eyes almost pop out of her head.

Islam-friendly NRK will not report that Muslims want books banned.

NRK portrays book banning as a Republican problem and does not report about the Muslims around the country who have turned up at schools in droves to protest graphic books and curricula, especially those about LGBTQ.

The state-run media has embraced Islam as most leftists do for some unknown reason, so they cannot tell their viewers that Muslims have demonstrated all over the country. Therefore, they do what NRK does best – tell half-truths so they can continue smearing conservatives and half of the United States.

Last month, hundreds of parents demonstrated outside the Montgomery County Board of Education, demanding that Maryland’s largest school district allow them to protect their children from books and instruction that contain LGBTQ characters.

Families demand the right to opt-out of LGBTQ+ books in Maryland.

The library manager at Deichman, Knut Skanse, gets the last word:

“When you remove books you don’t like in the US, you practice censorship. In Norway, the Constitution prohibits censorship. In a democracy, all voices must be heard. A library should represent the breadth of expressions and life experiences, but we set the limit for factual errors.”

So does Document News, and that’s why we must reprimand and report on NRK when they come up with factual errors about book bans in the USA.

Finding out what books are on the shelves in Norwegian primary schools is difficult. Still, the Norwegian Children’s Book Institute published the winners of the Ministry of Culture’s awards for children’s and youth literature in 2022.

All the books are wholesome, innocent stories and reading material that we can recommend that our children read.

None contain pictures of boys who suck d***.

No need to elaborate: You get the picture.

Norwegian-American Elisabeth Rooney is the USA correspondent for Document News. She lives in South Florida. 



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