The purchase of the small Ukrainian gas company Kub-Gas and a major investment in geothermal energy in Italy were decided upon during the famous “fishing trip” of the Burisma board in North Troms in August 2015. Before these acquisitions could be converted into hard cash, Burisma had to get rid of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, who was investigating the company’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, for corruption and serious financial crime. It was these sensitive “minor issues” that Hunter and his father Joe could handle, and which justified an outrageous board fee of $84,000 per month, junkets to luxury hotels around the world, and potential contributions directly into “the Big Man’s” pockets. Photo: acaben, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

In early August 2015, fishermen trolling off Malangen in Nord-Troms had to let go of the wheel and rub their eyes in disbelief: Just ahead, a plastic boat glided by, its rear deck filled with young and old gentlemen in tailor-made puffer jackets, trendy fishing hats, Timberland hiking boots, and wristwatches that sparkled in the sunlight like the display window of Patek Philippe on the Champs Élysées.

This wasn’t a bachelor party of posh folks looking for fresh fish for that evening’s champagne bath. Instead, it was the world’s most famous “rich kid,” Hunter Biden, and the notoriously corrupt multimillionaire Mykola Zlochevsky, Ukraine’s former Minister of Environment, who, along with a handful of sergeants and family members, were holding a board meeting for the gas company Burisma at a cabin palace near Bardufoss – and now were trying their luck fishing in the cold waters of the Arctic region.

One of two photos from the trip to Nord-Troms in August 2015. The catch was nine cod, saithe (pictured) and Red-fish.

**Hairdressers, tailors and journalists**

The newly commercialized Norwegian daily Aftenposten (once the Norwegian eqivalent of the New York Times, ed.), which buried the old virtues of the press when the value-conservative generation disappeared, described the fishing trip as Hunter himself depicted it in the presidential son’s new book “Beautiful Things” – in vivid and well-phrased terms:

In 2015, the head of Burisma held a board meeting “at a fishing cabin he had in the far north of Norway”. Hunter Biden had mentioned (to Mykola, ed.) that the nephew, the son of his recently deceased brother, loved to fish. Biden brought his nephew Hunter and his own daughter Maisy. “It was during the summer, in the endless, bright nights. For three days, we cast a line with nine hooks at varying depths of 30 meters and pulled up nine fish.”

Hunter Biden’s portrayal of Mykola’s consideration for his nephew is touching, but not in line with the portrayal found on his computer, which, due to a series of depraved photos of sex and drugs, is now only known as “the laptop from Hell”:

fishing trip

From: “Vadim Pozharskyi”
To: “Devon Archer”, “Hunter Biden”, “Robert Biden”
Date: 2015-05-26 06:19

Hope, you are well. if you may recall during our last BoD meeting, Nikolay kindly invited you to our joint trip to Norway. Preliminarily we are considering the dates at the beginning of August, please advise whether August 3-6 are ok with you, or maybe dates close to these. Best, Vadym


“Nikolay” was the nickname for Mykola Zlochevsky, who is suspected of corruption and severe financial crime and has been on the run from his old friends in Kiev since 2020. Moreover, “Vadim” collected measurements on all participants so that they could wear tailor-made jackets, trousers, and hats.

Expansion in Luhansk and Italy

The guest list was a side note. What was interesting about the “fishing trip” to Nord-Troms was something else: Burisma’s purchase of the Ukrainian gas company Kub-Gas and the Malta-registered company Gesto Investimento e Gestão, reported to own three concessions for geothermal heat in Tuscana in Italy.

Kub, as little is known, owned five gas licenses in the eastern Luhansk region, where fierce battles were triggered by the CIA-inspired Maidan revolution the previous year. It wasn’t about drilling directly into the ground, especially since Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky, by national and international police agencies, was suspected of years of corruption.

Ukraine’s own little oligarch saw great opportunities in gas extraction in Luhansk, but a constant escalation of the war stood in the way. Photo: svetlana.pashko cc by-sa 4.0

**Educated in the Red Army**

Mykola himself had no experience in the petroleum industry. Instead, he was trained as a radio engineer with eight years of service in the Red Army when he became involved in Ukraine’s chaotic political life in 1998 – holding positions as both the Minister of Natural Resources and the Minister of Environmental Protection. He quickly became a master in the intrigue games of Kiev, which eventually ranked Ukraine third on the list of the world’s most corrupt countries. Licenses with probable gas – for which Zlochevsky was responsible – were sold for next to nothing to party comrades and shell companies owned by himself. In the end, it was the country’s population that paid every time the kettle was put on the gas burner, while Mykola and his circle of friends gathered the profit in tax havens where neither moth nor rust consumed. Even after many years on the run from the law, it’s said that the former Red Army man is worth 700 million dollars.

Dubai’s luxurious Burj Al Arab Hotel was the scene of the Burisma Board’s crisis meeting in early December 2015. Photo:

**Called Dad**

When Mykola convened the next Burisma board meeting in Dubai at the beginning of December 2015, the company was in crisis. Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was said to be getting closer to taking action against Mykola’s extensive interests and investments. The oligarch, who had provided the vice president’s son with board fees of Olympic caliber and free trips around half the globe, demanded the first return on his investment.

“During a break in the board meeting, Zlochevsky told Hunter Biden that Burisma ‘needed help from the U.S. government’ to escape the pressure the company was under from Viktor Shokin, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, who was investigating Burisma,” revealed another board member present, Devon Archer, in recent testimony to Congressional investigators. “Zlochevsky and his right-hand man, Vadim Pozharski, wanted Zokhin fired. Hunter Biden immediately set up a conference call with D.C.”

Archer claimed that he did not personally participate in the call and, therefore, did not know whether Hunter had appealed for help directly to his father, then Vice President Joe Biden – but of course, everyone can have their own thoughts on it.

Prominent international businessman, or depraved playboy from a dysfunctional family? Anyone willing to sift through the photographs, selfies, and emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop will be left with two questions: How could the Democrats let a representative of the Biden family into the White House, and is it at all possible they will let him run for re-election next year? And what catastrophe has occurred among the owners and editors of major mass media, who to this day have refused to show the public the full and complete truth about the family of the man who has brought the world to the brink of a third world war? From

**Biden Got the Prosecutor General Fired**

It was likely no coincidence that Biden himself was en route to Kiev, where, in a speech to the parliament a few days later – on December 9, 2015 – he criticized politicians for escalating corruption and demanded it be addressed. Behind closed doors, the message was almost entirely opposite. Biden was adamant and demanded that Prosecutor General Shokin be fired, which meant he was protecting one of the country’s most notoriously corrupt criminals – and simultaneously maintaining the flow of millions of dollars into the family’s secret stash of illegitimate funds.

In a later public appearance, he unabashedly boasted that he had used a promise of $1 billion in financial aid from the US to pressure the Kiev government.

**”I said, you can forget about that billion. You’re not seeing a dime of that money! I’m leaving here in six hours. If the prosecutor isn’t fired, you can forget the whole thing. The billion stays in D.C. Well, son of a bitch! He got fired.”**

**The Biden Name for Sale – Again**

Shokin withstood the pressure for a few more weeks before taking leave in February 2016 and finally being dismissed in March. Hunter Biden’s spirits immediately lifted. To avoid public scrutiny over the Biden family’s perceived double standards, he had hesitated to sign press releases and other public documents for Burisma. With the issue resolved, the road to the promised land still lay open – seemingly.

In Tuscany, the popular and down-to-earth President Enrico Rossi didn’t fall for Hunter Biden’s name or his family ties, declining to let Burisma exploit the region’s geothermal energy. Photo: Fundació Comunitat Valenciana / cc by 2.0 / Wikimedia Commons.

**Italian Skepticism**

Burisma’s management had been laying the groundwork for expanding into geothermal energy extraction in Tuscany, Italy, a plan conceived during a fishing trip to Bardufoss. The method involved exploiting deep geothermal sources using oil industry drilling techniques to produce steam. This steam is then converted to electrical power using standard power plant technology.

However, the left-radical President Enrico Rossi, closely allied with the state-controlled energy giant Enel, wasn’t impressed by newcomers linked to tax havens like Malta and pursued by financial investigators. Mykola’s right-hand man, Vadim Pozharskyi, faced closed doors.

re: ideas on geothermal direction
From: «Vadym Pozharskyi»
To: «Hunter Biden», «Devon Archer»
Date: 2016-03-07 12:23

Dear Gents, for our successful further work, in order to lay the foundation for our future close cooperation, it’s very important for us to hold a meeting at the level of the President of the Regional Council of Tuscany Mr Enrico Rossi. Since Italy is a federal state, they elect a President of the Regional Council that has great influence on perception-building and decision-making process in the region, i.e. re various projects.

Generally, he is known to be very supportive for the geothermal development in the region, judging from his statements and publications in the Italian media. The majority of geothermal plants of the state owned company Enel is located in Tuscany Region. As a matter of fact, President Rossi had a number of meetings with top Enel representatives to discuss geothermal potential of the Region. To be honest, my level in the management of the company is not enough to arrange a meeting with him.

That’s why, Hunter, if it’s not too much to ask, do you think you could consider the following possibility: we will draft a letter to him from Burisma Holdings signed by you asking for a meeting, where we could present our company and our geothermal projects. Ideally we would love you, Devon, me and Nikolay to be there for the meeting.

Looking forward to your feedback anytime soon! Best, Vadym

Geothermal power plant in Iceland. Photo: Gretar Ívarsson

**Burisma’s Secret Weapon**

Once again, there was a need for Burisma’s secret weapon, Hunter Biden, with a direct line to the White House and the country’s powerful vice president. As Vadim wrote:

“Dear Hunter, to be perfectly honest, my position in Burisma is too insignificant for me to secure a direct meeting with Tuscany’s president. If it’s not too much to ask, could you consider the following possibility: We draft a letter to Rossi from Burisma Holdings, signed by you, where you request a meeting so we can present the company and our geothermal projects.”

The proposal unashamedly illustrated why Hunter was on Burisma’s board with an astronomical salary of 10 million kroner annually (83.000 USD/month), an amount he received without doing anything other than signing his name, plus the generous compensation an international playboy might require for the exhausting journeys from luxury hotel to luxury hotel. He was on the board to peddle vice president, later president, Joe Biden’s name. He sold political influence to gain himself, his father, and the family, and his employers political clout and financial benefit. This is an activity that in most countries is punishable by law and is called corruption.

Tuscany’s president Enrico Rossi was not swayed. He raised fees and tariffs to a level that made Burisma’s project unprofitable – especially in light of the “commissions” the company would be forced to pay to various contracting parties. In October 2016, Mykola folded. Burisma sold the concessions and pulled out of Italy, likely with a significant loss.

The project had started with nine fishermen in a fjord in North Troms. Everyone had believed that the Biden name was golden and would turn the fish into a fortune in hard currency – for the Biden family and Burisma’s circle of friends in and outside of Kiev. But in world history, there was only one person with the ability to transform a few fish into food – not for corrupt wealthy people, but for the impoverished masses. That person did not bear Biden’s name.

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