Technocracy, climate alarmism and identity politics are sowing the seeds of Western decline. The globalism has failed and USA and EU are moving towards a Chinese system.

This is Joel Kotkin’s opinion in an article in Spiked. Kotkin is the author of the book The Coming of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class.

People like  Francis FukuyamaThomas FriedmanKenichi Ohmae thought the future was settled, and that the whole worl would become liberal democracies.

They foresaw the emergence of a system controlled by an ever-expanding army of technocrats and professionals, concentrated in a handful of great cosmopolitan cities, riding on ‘advanced’ industries and services.

But now it seems like Samuel Huntington understood the future better, with his essay form 1993, The Clash of Civilisations. He predicted how the various civilizations would end up in conflict. We see many examples of this today.

The war in Ukraine is of course part of this. But at the same time, both the USA and Europe allow themselves to be immigrated without resistance, by people who largely hate us, or want our cash.

China exploited capitalist forces to raise its power, and is more powerful than in 500 years. And it is countries like China that are growing, while the G7 countries are declining.

Over the past 20 years, the share of the world economy controlled by the G7 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US) has shrunk from 65 to 44 per cent.

Today, China produces almost as many manufactured goods as the US, Japan and Germany combined.

India is also growing, despite internal conflicts. Some Arab countries and some countries in Africa are also experiencing economic growth, while the Eurozone is in recession. Yet European politicians continue to pump money out of their own countries. Norway has given a lot of aid to both China and India.

In China, they are building coal-fired power stations, while the West rejects stable energy in its climate hysteria.

What went wrong for the globalists? Joel Kotkin’s answer is that they forgot the importance of certain essentials, such as demographics and culture.

The West left the production to China, while they invested in developing huge welfare schemes that increasingly accrue to foreigners.

The war in Ukraine reinforces the negative development, not only for the invaded country (which of course suffers the most) but for the whole of Europe.

Food shortages, energy crises and shortages of critical materials threaten the entire West. The US has what it needs, except for political leaders who preserves the wealth. A bit like in Norway, in other words.

Non-Western countries get oil and other resources on the cheap from Russia. The West is running out of ammunition and money.

Climate hysteria is the biggest threat, according to Kotkin. I think he may be underestimating the kind of disasters that migration brings, but it’s obvious that the Net Zero philosophy is also leading us to doom.

What gives some hope is that the protests are growing. Right-wing parties are experiencing growth in large parts of Europe. The states in the US that are governed by Republicans are progressing.

Last year, Texas, Nevada, Florida and Arkansas experienced the US’s highest personal-income growth, while California ranked last, followed closely by Maryland, Massachusetts and New York.

But demographics are a big problem. We don’t bother to reproduce anymore, which makes us increasingly weaker. USA is better off than Europe in this sense. People wan’t to live a dream, and «realize themselves», without them understanding that having children is the most important form of self-realization.

Idiotic pension schemes create a wave of elderly people not working, since there is no connection between savings and payment. Sky-high taxes make it difficult to save, and this so-called free welfare state costs us workers enormous sums every year.

Already 33 percent are out of work in the OECD due to old age. In 2050, it is assumed to pass 50 percent.

If you are a young worker today, you should understand that a pension is something you cannot expect, and therefore start saving for your old age.

Kotkin also addresses the cultural meltdown taking place in the West. The disgust for one’s own history and culture, as well as the decadence that is praised in all media, with the support of politicians and academia.

Decadence was one of the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. A civilization that loses faith in its own fundamental values ​​is doomed to decay.

A civilisation can survive only if its members, particularly those with the greatest influence, believe in its basic values.

Europe is closer to disaster than the United States, because in the United States there is resistance to the madness. Then the question is how much Biden manages to destroy before he is replaced in November 2024.

Of course, China’s autocratic tendencies are not a role model. But our so-called liberal democracies reject the opinions of the people and destroy our economies. Thus we are moving in the direction of China, with surveillance, lack of freedom of expression and poverty for ordinary people, while the elites feast on Russian caviar.

Kotkin concludes that the globalist elites may be destroying the West, but they are also sowing the seeds of their own downfall. There is still a future to fight for.

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