– The interest in the film «Sound of Freedom» is enormous, confirms film and information manager Stig Magne Pedersen at Odeon in Stavanger.

He tells the local newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad that there are many people asking for the film, but no one knows who has the rights to the film, which for some reason is referred to as right-wing by the journalist.

It is therefore right-wing to react to sex slavery and human trafficking.

The film he is talking about is as mentioned «Sound of Freedom», something as unusual as a Christian action film.

But is the film action or documentary? This is somewhat uncertain, and disputed in the American regime media.

The main role is played by Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in «The Passion of the Christ», Mel Gibson’s controversial Jesus movie from 2004.

And there begins the criticism of the film.

Because Caviezel had attended a conference associated with Qanon. If he had attended a Stalin conference, hardly anyone would have reacted.

In addition, other critics have claimed that the film exaggerates the success of the group that fights the traffickers in the film. Timothy Ballard, the agent portrayed in the film, comments by saying that it is strange that the media is concerned that the children are part of a conspiracy – not that they have been saved from abuse.

What is the left doing to protect children from gross abuse? What did they do when British girls were raped on an industrial scale? They called it grooming. A terrible term in relation to the crimes.

Left-liberal journalists asked the rape victims to shut up, to protect diversity, and was quoted på Labour MPs.

It is a trend for Christian values ​​to be filmed, according to the Norwegian newspaper. What’s more, the film is crowd-funded, with no government subsidies at all.

Øyvind Olav Sydow Kleiveland, who runs the fairly new distribution company Inspirasjonsfilm AS, is trying to bring the film to Norway. It doesn’t seem that simple. He have not found out who have the rights.

As a former Pentecostal preacher, he takes a positive view of the trend of religion in films.

– It would be great if public funding could contribute to more productions of this type.

He mention the series chosen, which is seen over 300 million times.

– «The Chosen» has demonstrated that the Christian audience is quite large. At the same time, it shows that good stories, also with Christian ideas and messages, resonate widely even outside the defined Christian circles. This has probably surprised large parts of the industry.

«Jesus Revolution» has also done surprisingly well in the US. It has already been shown in Norway in places such as the Christian Saron’s Valley and the Christian Oase convention. The film will be shown in Norwegian cinemas, and premieres on 25 August.

The question is whether we are experiencing a new Great Awakening.

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