Why do left-liberals hate Tucker Carlson? It’s because they fear his followers, specifically the white working class. This is what Brendan O’Neill writes in Spiked.

Because the same applies to former President Donald Trump, right? After all, it was his followers who were called deplorables by Hillary Clinton. It is us ordinary people who are the target when people we value are attacked.

When people we certainly do not appreciate, for example lying and corrupt politicians, extreme climate groups like Just Stop Oil and ridiculous men dressed as lesbian mothers who demand that we accept their lies – then we are the ones who are unsophisticated and virtually illiterate because we do not recognize all the letters of the trans alphabet LGBTQAI2S++++.

Left-wing liberals who do not follow the rules of the game are quickly ostracised, writes O’Neill.

Woe betide the left-leaning hack who deviates from the narrative about Tucker Carlson. Tucker’s a fascist and any liberal who says otherwise should expect swift cancellation.

The American Prospect made a grave mistake when they published a story that portrayed Carlson as a complicated figure, almost whispering that he was possibly a rebel in relation to the regime-loyal media.

Carlson was opposed to war, unbridled capitalism and Big Tech. Isn’t this something that should belong to the left?

Summon the mob. A liberal has made unapproved comments about Mr Carlson.

True, writers Lee Harris and Luke Goldstein accused Tucker of flirting with The Great Replacement conspiracy theory, which is only a conspiracy theory for blind hens without the ability to use a calculator. But they also praised his willingness to ridicule the pathetic elites who lead us and showed an understanding of why so many followed him.

Carlson criticised the endless billions of dollars that the United States and the elite in Washington D.C. poked into Ukraine, while woke host Trevor Noah almost flirted with war criminal Hillary Clinton and asked how it felt for her to be portrayed negatively by the right wing. As if it would affect Hillary, who has grabbed billions of dollars without delivering anything back to the American people.

What about the left-liberal media? This is the question the writers ask.

Instead of mauling Carlson some more, why don’t ‘liberal media outlets like the Guardian’ do some of their own ‘skewering [of] comfortable pieties’, asked Harris and Goldstein?

The small surviving group of left-wing radicals on Twitter naturally clicked. The editor of the American Prospect, David Dayen, had to issue a mea culpa.

We ‘fell short’, he said. We will ‘work hard to earn back whatever trust has been lost’, he pleaded.

Then he published a new article, The Real Tucker Carlson.

The real Tucker Carlson is a ‘neofascist’ in thrall to ‘racism, xenophobia, misogyny, disdain for democracy, affinity for autocrats and autocracy [and] habitual lying’, it said.

Carlson was then a neo-fascist and a threat to democracy, simply scum. So finally, the super-rich elites who despise working people can sleep soundly again, behind the high walls they happily built around their own estates, but certainly not along the border to the south.

Even George Soros has high walls and security guards around several of his many homes in the United States. He is so “inclusive” in reality. The same also applies to the corrupt leaders of Black Lives Matter, who live in properties in white neighbourhoods and only see black people in the store or during the demonstrations.

Dayen’s mea culpa was praised in other left-leaning media outlets. Mediate had the following heading:

Progressive magazine vows to win back trust after publishing positive Tucker Carlson article.

The Guardian naturally followed up.

Tucker Carlson is not an anti-war populist rebel. He is a fascist

The only accepted truth about Tucker Carlson was now restored. Obedient left-liberals took their correct positions under the tyranny of opinion.

I grew up as one of the few conservatives in a society steeped in social democracy. We discussed politics so the blood spurted, then we went on the football field as good friends. Sometimes people changed their minds after good arguments.

That time is over. Now we must hate each other and we must hate those who do not hate the people and thoughts that we ourselves hate. This is a game I refuse to participate in, because it destroys our societies.

There is nothing to admire about today’s so-called elites. They don’t dare form their own opinions, they follow the herd and steal with both hands. They produce nothing and live on money which they acquire from the same working class they despise. LO supports the state’s robbery through the price of electricity, instead of supporting the workers’ demands for cheap electricity. The LO leader himself earns millions and is happily married to another millionaire.

What does she know about how workers meet the challenges LO, NHO and the government assign them? It seems pretty clear to me that Tucker Carlson cares more about ordinary workers than any union leader, although I’m not so stupid that I don’t realise that Carlson is also playing a game.

But Carlson hit the nail on the head in his criticism of the left-liberal elites. They wanted to abolish the police and ignore the border in the south, while helping to strengthen the police in Ukraine and were deeply concerned about Ukraine’s very borders.

We need to talk about Tucker Derangement Syndrome.

It’s Trump once again, then. As many as 26 percent of Republican voters said they would vote for Tucker Carlson if he ran for president, after he lost his job at Fox News.

This was far behind Trump (64 percent) but Tucker crushed DeSantis, who is supported by only 8 percent of the voters. Admittedly only a single poll, but still a sign of Tucker’s popularity.

It strikes me that liberal Tuckerphobia is part fear, part envy.

The left-liberals know that the people dislike them. They only have the support of their inner circle, who mainly support them out of fear, not love. Therefore, the envy of people like Tucker and Trump becomes intolerable. Because they are loved, even when they make a fool of themselves.

That is why they are also so deeply hated. While figures like Biden and Harris are not loved by anyone and ridiculed by many.

Because for all their faults, people like Tucker and Trump do something the left-liberal elites have no chance of doing: They connect with the working class, with ordinary people. They have humour that ordinary people can understand, just like when Donald Trump was asked what was the worst thing about being president.

He replied that he was extremely annoyed that he was no longer allowed to drive his Rolls Royce himself. The entire stadium burst into laughter, even though most had probably never seen a Rolls Royce.

Brendan O’Neill has been a guest on Tucker Carlson twice and sees both his strengths and weaknesses, he considers Carlson a very good broadcaster. The numbers don’t lie, he had up to ten times as many viewers as the useless talk show hosts of NRK’s favourite CNN.

Carlson supported low-wage Amazon workers in the fight against the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos. He criticised the headless flow across the border in the south.

According to O’Neill, Carlson was driven by suspicion, not ideology. I disagree. Even if a TV star plays a role, it is probably difficult to carry this out for so many years without revealing one’s own falsity.

In any case, the sceptical elite should try to understand why Tucker Carlson struck a chord with ordinary Americans, writes O’Neill. Here he is at the core, as are Tove Bjørgaas, Eirik Løkke & co. in the Norwegian media, they should think about it.

And that’s because they were looking for someone, anyone, reasoned or not, leftist or rightist, to stick it to an elite which for decades has been treating them with the most extraordinary derision.

Carlson became a hero to all the deplorables because he criticised a hated and useless elite who have ruined their lives and spit on them for a couple of decades. It was this despicable elite that created Tucker Carlson.

This is the irony of Tucker Derangement Syndrome: the very people who fear the rise of Carlson created the conditions for the rise of Carlson.

The elites’ disdain for the working class—as Islamophobic, religious, gun-toting, unsympathetic, heterosexual, and overly white—turned Carlson into their advocate and thus their hero.

Dehumanise people for long enough and they’ll look high and low for someone who treats them as human. Carlson did that, at least: he treated his viewers as human.

Here is the elite’s challenge: They must learn to treat people properly, which appears impossible for many of these people. They stick hated people like Dylan Mulvaney in the beer glass of the working class and their football heroes kneel for BLM. This is pissing people off.

Solberg called us a mess. Even Listhaug described national conservatives as pure Nazis. We understand that they despise us, because otherwise they would not have denied us a summer holiday and a steak every now and then and offered us maggots, bugs and inflation instead.

Carlson’s viewers were far too easily influenced, claim the left-liberal media. Pretty ridiculous from a bunch marching to the beat with exactly the same opinions about everything. It’s worse than ridiculous, it’s tragic.

That they attack Carlson is because they fear his supporters, the ordinary people who abhor critical race theory and attacks on free speech (which are also hated by the liberal left).

But the departure of Tucker Carlson will end as a Pyrrhic victory. Carlson will come back strong and we ordinary people can crush the elites if we stand together on the most important things, even if we disagree politically on individual issues.

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