Tucker Carlson—Suddenly Out at Fox—Eliminates the Most Dissident Voice on Cable. Plus: AOC Calls for Federal Ban on Tucker | SYSTEM UPDATE #77

Norwegian media’s monotonous, conforming copying of American regime media means that public opinion has no idea what is going on in the USA. Even the right believes that the higher powers prevailed when Tucker Carlson was fired. The opposite was the case, the fact that Murdoch, Paul Ryan and BlackRock had had enough of Tucker showed the opposite: They no longer dared to let him walk free.

In the upcoming election campaign, Tucker is too dangerous. He has an influence like no other in American television history. For them the most frightening thing was that young core voters on the Democrats side – those between 25 and 45 – also watched Tucker. Why? Because he was alive, alert and challenging.

Tucker exposed how dead the other media has become.

It’s the same feeling you get from turning on Dagsrevyen, TV2 or watching Aftenposten, VG: The news is predictable. Is it a coincidence that they are betting more and more on porn? They must appeal to the baser instincts. But it numbs and dulls. In the end, users don’t bother to read semi-serious material. It’s a total turn-off. There is nothing that challenges the intellect.

Many become apolitical and “turn off”.

At the same time, the National Security Authority, NSM, and the Minister of Justice are talking about the fact that we are about to enter a new age. An age of uncertainty, where we have to trust the authorities. They must have more and more powers to be able to take care of us.

Emilie Enger Mehl repeats that we are a society of trust, both interpersonally and in the relationship between authorities and citizens.

That is no longer true.

Tucker’s popularity was proof that there is a growing public opinion in the United States, it was still growing. Therefore he was removed, but most Europeans don’t get to know this.

Glenn Greenwald has an exciting analysis of the American debate. The Democrats are stone dead. Bernie Sanders was a critic from the left and was outwitted in the nomination battle with Hillary in 2016 and in 2020. He allowed himself to be bribed and has since remained silent. The Democrats have become Venezuela.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and The Squad voted for the biggest packages for Ukraine. She has become part of the War Party and that has opened a big gap on the left.

There is an affinity between an anti-war protest on the left and the United States of Patriots.

Robert Kennedy Jr. has 19 percent in the opinion polls. So the Democrats’ leadership chooses to cancel debates between the candidates, Biden will ride to the nomination without a fight. It is like a red flag for a significant segment of Democratic voters. The US is doing badly. Here, the management is trying to put a lid on the debate.

There is also an affinity between Kennedy and Trump. They represent a United States Biden and his nomenclature are trying to bury. This is a mortal danger for Biden, Democratic Kennedy voters may turn out to vote for Trump. If Trump does not choose Kennedy as his vice presidential candidate. It is also mentioned as a serious possibility.

But the most interesting thing about Greenwald’s analysis is what he says about the debate on the Republican side: Tucker has been a driving force here. The debate is full of contradictions, but they are real. Tucker skins Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and the War Party.

Europeans do not understand how tired Americans are of war. They lasted twenty years in the extended Middle East. The US has bases in 80 countries. Trump wanted to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan and Syria. The Pentagon and the War Party sabotaged the order.

But Biden carried out the withdrawal from Afghanistan and made it a defeat. The Taliban were allowed to take over weapons and material worth 84 billion dollars. The suspicion that Biden wants the US to fail has only grown stronger.

Tucker was the only person on television who questioned America’s involvement in Ukraine from the very beginning. It cost him goodwill both among the companies that buy advertising and among RINOs.

The development has proved Tucker right: the war party is at full speed towards war with Russia.

Europeans would like to think that Tucker marginalised himself, but it is the anti-war movement that is on the rise. Not because they are against Ukraine’s struggle for freedom, but because they feel that Ukraine is also being abused. Again, the United States is entering a war and this time against an adversary that has become a fantasy for the Democrats and the media. They used Russia against Trump right from 2016, now the fantasy has taken on a life of its own.

Norwegian media follows in the same track: Russia and Putin has become an obsession in the same way as Israel. Everything they do receives a level of attention that distorts all proportions.

Tucker seemed like a hare in a marathon. He dragged the field, he made Laura Ingraham, Jesse Watters, Pete Hegseth, Sean Duffy and Will Cain perform more than they would otherwise. Tucker set the standard, the one who fell through was Hannity. He faded and became a mouthpiece for the War Party.

If you go to Rumble and PatriotNews, you see a gallery of free voices driving the debate.

The Norwegian public is so duped by state media and state money that they believe that these media represent the official opinion; that there is no other. But a debate is not decided by size. It is determined by vitality and vitality is found on the conservative and patriotic side. Tucker was so unusual he was something of a catalyst within Corporate Media.

He was an anomaly, he shouldn’t have been there.

Lachlan Murdoch and Suzanne Scott made sure to cut him out. They are so full of themselves that they think they can isolate him until the election is over.

The first video from Tucker was viewed by 54 million.

Tucker is going to return with a medium knockout on Fox. He is going to show Americans what free media means. That makes him dangerous to life and they will do anything to stop him.

But what will the War Party and the deep state put up with?

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