20 companies and 10 million dollars. That’s what the Biden family got out of Joe’s job as Obama’s vice president. 16 out of 17 transactions occurred while he was VP. The “traffic” was so dense that the CIA and the FBI must have known and then Obama must have known as well. Other countries’ intelligence services must also have known: the Vice-President was for sale. When he became the Democrats’ candidate, they must have felt the stench all the way to Beijing, Moscow, Brussels and even Oslo.

The fish rots from the head down.

When Biden blurted out that they had put together the most sophisticated election fraud ever, they must have known. When it rained executive orders – halt in oil exploration – open borders – they must have known: These are not Joe Biden’s ideas.

When he said: I have never taken so many orders as after I became president, they must have known he was telling the truth. It is not he who decides.

What is their actual perception of Biden and the US’s position? Confidence cannot be at its peak.

This is not mismanagement. It is a deliberate sabotage of the country that is the guarantor of Western freedom.

That is why Trump makes such a strong impression on today’s Americans. They need comfort. They need a firm hand. One who does not tremble. One who is not disoriented when he leaves the podium.

To be able to moralise, one must have a moral foundation to stand on. When Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper comment on Trump’s town hall performance, they pick up where host Kaitlin Collins left off: An endless rebuke of the president. They will force him to his knees. But Trump is unflabbale. This is what makes an impression on the audience. They see that he knows he is right. He simply does not want to deal with them. They are immaterial. What is important is that the United States continues to decline. CNN will not deal with the invasion in the south, or 107,000 dead from overdose. The only thing they care about is getting a shot at Trump.

The audience hears: They don’t care.

By insisting on talking about things that happened thirty years ago and which the accuser herself cannot date, the media make themselves irrelevant.

We are right where the voters were in 2016, where the media was sure they had Trump when they released the Billy Bush video.

They have learned nothing. This applies not least to the Norwegian media.

Therefore, Trump’s victory in 2024 will be as big a shock this time as it was then.

They are cognitively unable to understand the electorate and what drives them.

If it weren’t for the fact that the stakes are so high, one could consider it a fascinating contemporary drama. Who has seen something similar?

Jesse Watters is spot on:

James Comer and colleagues are serious, matter-of-fact. What they tell is absolutely crushing and they have only just begun.

Nevertheless, the only thing the regime journalists manage to get out of themselves is: What about Trump? Do you intend to investigate his business.

To which Comer replies dryly: We know that Trump has a business, while Biden has a lot of bank accounts and companies, but we see no signs of business, just moving money. The classic sign of money laundering.

It is the type of business that the banks shut down and flag at the Security Exchange.

The Bidens have 170 such notifications lying with the American Finance Supervisory Authority. The authorities have not wanted to do anything with them. The Bidens are protected.

But how long can it be before all trust is gone?

It is not a single family that is on trial, it is the whole system.

The whole system must go to court, says Watters.

But in Norway this system is defended as honorable and legitimate.

Is it because ours is also starting to have the same corrupt features as in the US?

The Norwegian authorities and the Norwegian media are also aware of the Biden family’s corruption.

But they do nothing. On the contrary: They defend him, as if he is Uncle Joe in reality.

Given the seriousness of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine and the surveillance community now being rolled out, it’s a pretty dirty secret.

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