It is claimed that it will be warmer, but it is snowing outside and the forest is white. Reality means nothing to those who “sink their dream on our earth”. They have put us on a train that is going at breakneck speed. It would be scant consolation if the pace was due to circumstances beyond the control of the elite. But the opposite is the case: They are in control, and now they are increasing the tempo.

The policy is demonstrative: Norway had the world’s cleanest and cheapest energy: hydropower. It was sent to Germany and Great Britain so that these countries could shut down coal-fired power plants and nuclear power. Norwegian consumers paid the price. Couldn’t the government have paid for it itself? They are starved of money.

Instead, the government chooses to bask in the glory of being the EU’s saviour from Russian gas. There is a betrayal and a deception on so many levels in this policy that one hardly realises that it is possible. The elite has detached itself from the well-being of the population. It governs according to completely different goals and it moves so fast that people are knocked out.

The population was wiped out during the pandemic, then they were literally muzzled. In other countries, the media have begun to write about how the virus, the handling and the vaccine were not exactly as the authorities portrayed it. In Congress, both chambers have unanimously ordered the president to make public all information about the origin of the virus.

No roll-up in Norwegian media and politics. Covid-19 is not a topic at the national meetings. The parties live in an alternative reality. They only relate to their own version and there the pandemic and the vaccine do not loom like the black mountain it is: 20 million people died from a virus that the American authorities paid the Chinese to produce. How many Norwegians know that?

We are talking about a crisis of confidence of historic proportions: Robert Kennedy jr. scores 19 percent in the opinion polls right after he declares his candidacy. He gives an interview to ABC News, which censors his statements about the vaccine. The media are still the gatekeepers of Big Pharma, that’s where their loyalty lies. But they push “science” ahead of them.

Norway will be the smartest boy in the class, whether it is EU adaptation or loyalty to China and the WHO.

Norwegians are simply not allowed to know anything.

The last thing is that they want to destroy the Norwegian krone. We have long observed that the Danish krone is worth 50 percent more than the Norwegian krone. Is there any rational reason for that? No. What is the reason then? It is Norges Bank, which sells Norwegian kroner to drive the price down.

Norges Bank pursues a Biden policy: Increases the money supply, creates inflation and allows Norwegian kroner to be sold cheaply.

That’s what Rune Østgård writes on Twitter. He exposes the authorities’ new betrayal.

The value of the Norwegian krone is in free fall. Over the past year, it is down 14% against the US dollar and a whopping 19% against the euro.

There is no natural law that it has to be this way. The fall of the krona is part of a political game.

Governor of Norges Bank Ida Wolden Bache said in her annual speech on 16 February that price inflation in Norway is due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which “lead to a strong increase in energy and raw material prices … which has resulted in increased costs for companies, which in turn the increased costs passed on to the prices of consumers.” She also said that “The high price increase is also related to strong demand and little available capacity in the Norwegian economy”. Wolden Bache, on the other hand, did not mention with a single word that Norges Bank ensured a growth in the money supply in the last three years by as much as 30%. In contrast, she said that “A weaker krone results in increased imported price growth.” But she said nothing about the krone sale that Norges Bank is doing when they have to exchange tax income from the oil producers before they put the money into the Oil Fund.

Vedum and Støre have long talked about the need to withdraw purchasing power because the economy is heating up. Really? The number of bankruptcies rose by 40 per cent in the 1st quarter.

In the first quarter of this year, 1,317 bankruptcy filings were registered – 40 per cent more than in the same quarter last year.

It is not unnatural that there will be an increase in bankruptcy figures now. Companies managed to reduce their costs sharply during the pandemic and are now being met by a broad and sharp increase in costs, says analyst Brit Elise Melhus at Dun & Bradstreet to NTB.

High electricity prices and increased interest rates are probably contributing factors to this development, says head of section Erik Fjærli at Statistics Norway.

There are small businesses with three to four employees that go out of business. It is the large ones who survive and remain. These work hand in hand with the authorities on everything from the green shift to woke values. Everything is in the service of ideology. For most Norwegians, woke is an unknown world, because the media does not explain what it is. They are obedient servants of the Biden regime, which is changing America beyond recognition.

But people have learned that they can no longer speak their mind: Not at the workplace, not in sports, not at parent meetings or in social interaction. Even in families there is division. This polarisation is not talked about by the media, because it is they who have created it. They want the dissidents to shut up. You must believe and accept that censorship is a normal state. But there must be limits!

This “reason” comes from those who otherwise remove all boundaries and claim that men can menstruate and have children.

In this power grab, the road to a totalitarian society is open: Some do not deserve the right to speak, that is self-explanatory. They are against democracy. A large apparatus is being built to control the population. Just before Easter, the Storting passed the extension of the Police Register Act, which will systematise the monitoring of everything that happens on the internet and digitally. It happened under an Ap/Sp government, without debate.

Something has fundamentally changed. Instead of understanding the significance of what is happening and starting a debate, the parties accept it without hesitation.

It was not weapons for Ukraine per se that were the biggest issue at the national meetings of SV and Rødt. It was that they failed to connect the Police Records Act and the war and see that we are being led along a road without knowing where it leads.

In English it’s called being led up the garden path – hagegangen: Someone takes you by the hand and leads you. But adults ask: Where? Warning lights are flashing everywhere, but are we to trust the Pentagon and the monster of Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Government?

The left had defined power and money as opponents. Now everything is accepted without a hitch.

Jørn Eggum visits Rødt’s national meeting and says that they must stand together to break the new right-wing wave. Really? That Eggum himself is a part of?

Based on the left’s own criteria, it has shut itself down and become part of the “right wave”. It bows to power, money and an elite that does as it pleases. Democracy has been reduced to a play.

For this to be possible, the media had to stop being the fourth state power. They are now the organs of ideology.

We have an Obstfelder feeling: Have we come to the wrong planet? How was this possible? In broad daylight!?

We don’t criticise people for being numb. What has happened resembles a coup from within. The administration will now close access to the proceedings. Logically when they have disconnected themselves from the people, they don’t want to be disturbed. The same has happened in all countries in the West: the authorities have cut off the connection to the people. They are no longer responsible.

How are people supposed to grasp the dimensions of these changes that have taken place at a furious pace?

How do we move forward? How can we get our foot in the stirrup?

Good forces must work together. We must have a medium that collects the information and presents an overview. Only Document can fulfil that task. We have no hidden agendas: What you see is what you get.

The first task is to reveal how we are being deceived by our own authorities. It is a breach of contract between the authorities and the people.

The left has traditionally been against the power of money. The monetary power in Norway is today the state, but it is not the guardian state or the welfare state, it is an absolute, all-powerful state that wants to have it all and does not trust its own subjects.

It requires you to take to your knees. But as Rolf Jacobsen wrote: It is so steep here that it does not come naturally to us to bend down.

It reminds us: One thing that has happened to us without comment is that poetry is gone from everyday life. When you lose a limb, you become smaller. A life without poetry is poorer.

I discovered Rolf Jacobsen’s Friends completely by chance, where people post their favourite poems.

This expresses the strength in the weak:

Yes, I saw you
here from the window.
You bent down and picked it up, the lilac tassel
which was there in the middle of our street and was run over by cars. At least two.
I heard the tap running in the kitchen, and there it was.
A little dishevelled, ashamed,
almost dead.
But then today,
Oh my
– the whole living room full of summer, dizzying
like back then.
So it works.

(Think of Something Else, 1979)

If we are to win this battle, we must dare to be whole people.

The poem that best suits the day is “Anderledeslandet”, which was known from the EC struggle, but now that has also been forgotten:

The land of difference

This Anderledeslandet is far.
Northward, northward without end.
Øygarden stretches out endlessly into the sea.
We live together where there is land and income,
densely built in narrow valleys.
But above them brood the solitudes,
– Europe’s Tibet, high in the sky, silent
and almost endless, like the thoughts.

Time is hard, everyday life takes its toll.
Street congestion, bloodshed and puddles.
But we were born to this land,
bred by mountains and seas in the gray light of time.
A strict, almost merciless home, no shortage
on ear figs here.
But in the end, we became people,
boatmen from the first, rulers
across the North Atlantic.
And now we pick up gold coins from the seabed
and our home is slowly being forgotten.
The roads are so long here and there are steep hills.

But it’s still there, Digernorge,
sea-washed and heavy, with bustle, rain mists and peaks.
If you look up to them – to the view and the sky the rush
so don’t stay up there, or dream away
for we await your fists, and your goodwill.
It is a time of need and we are part of the world.
But from a different country
which no gentleman has really been allowed to do.
Then we don’t bow as deeply as our neighbours,
it’s too steep here.

From Nattåpent, Poem, by Rolf Jacobsen

If we are to preserve Norway as a different country, it is time to act. Our authorities have signed us up for a project where we lose ourselves. I think that’s exactly what many people feel on May 1. They are about to steal the country.

It’s urgent.

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