The world’s global and self-appointed elite will gather later this year to “accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030,” according to an announcement by the unelected tyrants who make up the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The move came earlier this week, according to National Pulse.

The UN and WEF seem frustrated by the lack of progress towards the global socialist dictatorship that they dream of. The implementation of The Great Reset and its step-brother Agenda 2030, an ideological successor to the earlier attempt known as the Millennium Development Goals, is too slow.

Klaus Schwab thought the pandemic would speed up his dystopian utopia, but appears disappointed with the development. Through the elites, covid-19, the war in Ukraine and rising costs of food and fuel are blamed, the latter in particular being due to climate measures promoted by the WEF and the UN.

Now global leaders and representatives will gather to develop the strategy and progress towards what the WEF describes as “arguably the greatest human endeavour ever to create peaceful, just, equal and sustainable societies”.

The UN’s department for economic and social issues argues that practical solutions can accelerate progress on Agenda 2030, also known as the UN’s sustainability goals.

Beautiful on the surface, with dreams of eradicating poverty and hunger etc., these sustainable development goals show a recipe for how to scale a global, socialist dictatorship, where everyone becomes equally poor, but some are of course “better than others”, to quote Orwell.

Resistance is futile, Laibach sings.

What we are you will become
a parasite absorbing souls
we’ll suck your cultural brains energy
and plant your genes to our collective being
Do not fight against us
Resistance is futile
And you will be assimilated with Blitzkrieg

But hope is not lost, says Victor Davis Hanson. I agree: The emerging panic in the WEF and the UN apparatus shows that the people’s resistance gives hope. Farmers in the Netherlands, truckers in Canada, these are the new heroes of our time. We should commit to following in their footsteps.

Norwegian politicians proudly mingled with UN pins while the nation was in its biggest crisis since the war. Our politicians in pure global obedience, had decided to shut down the whole society, destroying businesses, families, dividing the population and leading children and young people to suicide. Even the royal family participated in the propaganda.

Labour politicians should be proud of themselves for not rising to this wave of visible betrayal in the form of UN pins. But they support the whole agenda, there is no doubt about that.

Agenda 2030 fits well into the plan of the WEF’s Great Reset, so one suspects a collaboration here. The authorities of 191 countries have approved these insane plans. Few or none of the populations have been asked. Democracy, it has been shown, has already been abolished in the few countries where democracy was ever allowed to grow.

Since Davos 2021, the WEF has publicly discussed how these goals can be used to achieve the ‘Great Reset,’ which would see ordinary people able to own nothing personally. The WEF claims this will increase happiness in the world.

This is not a conspiracy theory, there are well-documented facts that tell us what the WEF and Agenda 2030 are working towards. Attacks on private property have accelerated due to the green shift, it is this happiness that will bring that is the big lie.

The WEF focuses on something called “civic participation” to push its plans. They describe this as tackling “economic inequality, gender imbalances, corruption and environmental degradation”.

The citizens have lost their rights and are being ruined by madness. The mantra equity pervades the books of Klaus Schwab, pointing the way towards a global communism. The climate hysteria contributes to making the population poorer, to the benefit of a select few super-rich people.

These pure Bond villains call to Build Back Better.

The quest is to build back better,” says the WEF, “civil society is proposing new ways of achieving the SDGs and creating a better post-pandemic world.

SDG = Sustainability Development Goals.

The values must be spread evenly, pure communism. The fact that the West has created capitalism, free markets and democracy also created our prosperity. We should now be ashamed of it, since Islamist tyranny and African tribal wars have not achieved similar success. If you think equity, then everyone should experience the same progress.

The WEF and the UN are unable to increase progress in shithole countries, therefore the successful countries must be crushed. And we are so kind and good-natured that we let it happen, voting for the same idiots over and over again.

Now the global tyrants are picking up the pace, and it’s time for the population to wake up. The WEF declares that the UN is halfway to achieving the Agenda 2030 goal.

This year’s report is especially crucial as we’re nearing the halfway point of Agenda 2030.

Personally, I am not like the Democrats in the US, who called for violence and harassment of anyone who supported Trump. But there are local elections this autumn, those politicians who venture into polling booths should be pushed against the wall purely verbally.

Ask them questions, force them to answer, don’t give in. While behaving politely, and of course listening to the answers without interrupting like pure Kamzy.

If you see someone with UN pins, they should be confronted. Ask what they think about electricity prices, immigration, aid and government waste. Don’t let them get away with handing out leaflets to rude pensioners.

It is our children’s lives they are destroying. They should be held accountable, regardless of party affiliation.

My contempt is non-partisan.

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