The elite’s hatred of Trump is so boundless that they will stop at nothing. Just like in Stalin’s Soviet Union, they have built a legal chopping machine intended to grind Trump to pieces. Special Investigator Jack Smith is the man with unlimited resources. He works behind closed doors with sealed orders and judges who know their goals. Smith and his people leak to the media, who know exactly how to spin the stories to create the greatest possible damage to Trump.

Eirik Løkke from Civita sits in NRK and follows the script of the men and women of power in Washington. There are thousands like him in the West who need no instructions. They go to work, convinced that they are doing the right thing.

But they know that they are not telling the truth and that what they are doing can destroy the United States. They have already come a long way.

Julie Kelly has a Kassandra-esque article in The Gathering Storm. She describes the legal process that Smith creates and which is of a completely different calibre to that the hesitant Alvin Bragg is tinkering with. Kelly faces gagging, pretrial detention and potentially twenty years in prison. All of this could happen, however there are many variables in the calculation that Kelly does not factor in.

We saw some of them during the presentation in New York on Tuesday: Trump knew it was a historic moment. He looked like, and acted like, a historical figure. The speech he gave at Mar-a-Lago was brilliant. For a few moments, Trump was America. We saw that in the opinion polls and in statements even from opponents such as Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. They understood that it is the American system that the Democrats are about to destroy.

For people who have done nothing but gawp at Trump ever since 2016, this makes no impression. But Americans notice. Trump says: To take you, they must first destroy me.

Two things make these words truer than before: The ruthlessness towards Trump, who is a bright outlaw, and at the same time the Biden regime’s systematic destruction of America: Energy (oil and gas), inflation (money printing), open borders that allow the cartels to flood the US with illegals, the fentanyl disaster that allows China to kill 100,000 Americans every single year, critical race theory, EDI and ESG that have re-tribalized the US and increased racial antagonisms, systematic dismantling of the police and the rule of law where George Soros-paid attorney generals are rampaging and have allowed crime to explode.

Now it is not only the poor and black people who are robbed and killed.

On Tuesday, tech millionaire Bob Lee was stabbed with a knife in a good area of San Francisco in the middle of the morning. He tried to get help from a motorist, who turned him away.

Bob Lee is what California was all about. What has created Silicon Valley.

MobileCoin founder Joshua Goldbard said on Twitter that Lee was larger than life: “One of the things that made him truly special was his capacity to dream big and to summon those big crazy dreams into our world. Bob summoned the future into the present.”

Lee staggered around trying to get attention until he fell over. He had time to call 911, but it was too late. He left behind two children.

Anyone who reads about his brutal death and lives a normal life thinks: “It could have been me.” The family lost everything in an instant. Nothing will be the same. Nor America.

The question is what it does to the liberal elite. Not the super-rich who never walk down the street, but those who are in touch with everyday life. Will they draw any political conclusions?

Governor Gavin Newsom travels around the US selling himself as a defender of “democracy”. Everyone knows that California bleeds good people like Bob Lee. 400,000 have travelled since 2020.

What an audacity to sell California as an example of freedom. But Newsom does. He says it is the Republicans who ban books, get teachers fired, that will make it harder for trans people to get “treatment”. Everyone knows it’s a big lie, but Newsom is speaking to those trying to demonise San Francisco University swimmer Riley Gaines.

Because the slogan of the woke left is: Free speech is to prevent people with crazy opinions from speaking.

They think the same in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Freedom is oppression. Of those who do not fit “white middle aged men pushing 50”. Those who have been left on the scrap heap of history.

Coincidentally, this also applies to women who stand in the way of the trans train.

Also conservative Christians, who for the occasion have been renamed Christian nationalists.

The question is how long it will be before enough Americans wake up and hit the brakes.

They have to go really hard, because the Democrats have developed a sophisticated apparatus to control opinion. Using mobs, first BLM and Antifa, now violent transmen, having full loyalty from the media and a mind-boggling system to control all elections, from state to federal level.

Patriots’ America can’t win if they don’t get smarter and more aware. More like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Steve Bannon.

Such is the machine the Democrats have built, but it is not infallible and it makes mistakes that backfire on themselves.

The Manhattan play was obviously a bridge too far that created great sympathy for Trump.

The Democrats want a violent reaction. They haven’t got that. On the contrary, it was about a trans who murdered children in a Christian school. Then Biden came down from above and wondered if there was cream to be had. Had this been Trump, it would have been enough to blow him out of the White House. But completely different rules apply to Biden.

The audience has also become different. Like the audience in the Roman Colosseum, they don’t mind seeing blood. They like it.

A class can become sadistic if it feels threatened. The coastal elites feel threatened by Maga. It is pure class hatred and the beginnings of retaliation are bubbling from below.


They have followed the saga of Trump and the elite for seven years, and they understand that when he is broken, it is over. Then there is no more freedom in America. Then they can take whoever they want.

The elite play the same game in all Western countries. Will Eirik Løkke ever breathe a sigh of relief? Or will they feel a constant paranoia and know that they are hated, even if there is not so much as a ripple on the surface.

They destroy people’s living conditions – and know it. The windmills flash day and night. Everywhere there are cameras recording you and taping your movements. New requirements: Closed bio-plants at NOK 150,000 per household. In the US, gas stoves are going away. High electricity prices are here to stay. Nothing will be the same as before.

And then there is the war that will never end. That, too, is beyond discussion. We are sending our ammunition and material, but not sons and daughters yet.

Will it ever be enough? That’s the question. Will the Americans do something? That’s where the fight is most spectacular. They are subject to a revolution from above that uses the methods of previous revolutions.

Spectacle processes and instrumentalisation of the state apparatus have come a long way. In Norway, we believe that Norway is still Norway. We are just a little behind. The fact that the new security law did not receive press coverage should say something about where we are.

Something else is the outside world: It sees that America is destroying itself, which has already had consequences. The US position is not what it was. It doesn’t help if NRK tries to make up the Biden corpse as best they can. The Norwegian media seem as senile as the president. But out in the world, Biden has become a laughingstock. Laughing is not allowed on Marienlyst and in Akersgata.

A collapse in the dollar’s value as the trillions flow back to the US could make the situation unmanageable for the elite.

We have already had two bank collapses. There may be more. This is a direct consequence of the Biden regime’s policies.

But then we come to the worst crossroads: Is America’s decline planned?

We can safely assume that it is not Biden who decides. He was chosen precisely because he can see the horizon at the end of the ocean.

Many of the decisions that have been made are incomprehensible if the intention is not to destroy the country.


Alejandro Majorkas responds like a robot when Ted Cruz tries to get a word out of him about the sex trafficking of children across the border in the south. It is clear that Majorkas does not know anything or is just an empty shell. A cardboard figure. This is how he has been from the beginning. So who really decides and what do they want?

If true, it means that Trump is just an obstacle in the way and that sooner or later Americans will have to discover that it was all about them. What will they do?

Trump has learned a lot in the past seven years. He has a lot of good people with him. He speaks to hundreds of thousands, and these carry the message on. This is history in the making, and it also applies to us.

If the Americans fail to prevent the country from being destroyed and see Trump and Maga crushed, hope is lost for Europe as well.

It is important to follow closely.

You can’t get this knowledge anywhere else than at Document.

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