If you look for the ultimate causes of great historical changes, you end up going crazy because you never find them. Some of society’s more thoughtful and brooding members are speculating to the point that it cracks over the reasons for the general disintegration we see around us.

The politicians, journalists and ideologists talk excitedly about the glorious future we face if we only follow their instructions on the road to a globalist millennium. Go calmly and vote for us, say the politicians, because then you can look forward to a green, moneyless and meatless land of happiness ruled by the wisest, most far-sighted and charitable philosophers mankind has yet hatched. Oh and then I forgot how good mealworms and cockroaches taste, and that men can now give birth to children.

The latter was announced by two uptight women – as they apparently still call themselves – not so long ago in the Folketinget. They came from Enhedslisten and Socialdemokratiet, so they have their hearts in the right place and deep insight into the latest biological upheavals.

When the world changes with the speed of lightning, as it does in these times, people start looking for reasons, they say, they find some, but never the real one. Let us just content ourselves with describing the situation and forget all about the causes.

It seems that all civilisations at one point or another lose their power and viability – a point where the collective death drive overpowers the will to live. That is where the West stands today. We see many signs of it. Perhaps most clearly in Western women’s reluctance to give birth to enough children to maintain the population. All things being equal, this will mean that more viable tribes – currently from the MENAP countries and Africa – will flow in and take over the territories that the old populations will no longer inhabit.

At first we learned that the mass influx was an enrichment. No one thought that the West needed enrichment, that we lacked something that the foreigners could add. E.g. more virility, more resourcefulness, greater optimism, more action – or whatever it may be.

That’s not how it’s argued anymore – not even from the politicians, ideologues or cultural figures who served us the first story. Today the message is that we have to accept our fate because we cannot do anything about it.

The situation is not so reminiscent of the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fourth century. Rome no longer had the strength or perhaps the will to defend its borders, and the result was that a number of barbarian groups – some of whom had their roots in present-day Denmark – invaded and seized one Roman province after another.

Civilisational upheavals will usually be accompanied by religious ones. That is what we see today with the downfall of Christianity in the West. The left celebrates it as a victory for rationality and progressively over the vile superstitions of old. God is dead, said the 19th century philosophers, but they were dead wrong. God is alive and well in the form of Western man, who has now become his own god.

As we know, God is omnipotent. He only needs to issue a command, then he rules over the climate, nature and biology. When God – incarnated by Greta Thunberg, Al Gore or Klaus Schwab – issues a decree that man decides the climate, only scumbags will oppose. And when the Social Democracy and Enhedslisten parties decide that men can from now on become women and vice versa, then you are blasphemous if you reject the new orthodoxy.

Under the new religion, we will experience increasingly astonishing occurrences: Adults, former men who perform ritual sex dances in front of small children; so-called transsexuals who attack Old Believers who continue to claim that the now-deceased god created man as male and female; and prime ministers participating in street demonstrations in favour of a variety of sexual experiments.

The pioneering country is Canada, where the country’s fascist government will now abolish freedom of expression because there is a risk of offensive statements against a population group that goes by the name “2SLGBTQI+”. They are very dangerous and can come up with anything if you step on their toes, but the government now wants to make sure that doesn’t happen.

While the West performs its dance of death, the Chinese Communists watch with interest. In China, men should not run around in pink clothes and claim to be women if they want to avoid ending up in a concentration camp. Those in power in Beijing are now counting the days as they consider how to squeeze the last life out of a Western culture that has decided to perish.

Let us look forward to the time of the barbarians, for there is not much else to look forward to.

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