Petter Stordalen finds hope in reading about «conscious quitting.» He thinks it’s great that millennials are concerned that the workplace harmonises with their own values.

Stordalen is one of Norways richest men. He started out selling strawberries, but most of his money comes from his hotel chain Nordic Choice Hotels.

The hotel king goes full-woke in an article in Nettavisen. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Last week I came across an article that deals with the phenomenon of «conscious quitting.»

Stordalen is inspired by young people in the USA, who are willing to quit their jobs if the employer is not woke enough.

At a time when the economy is tighter for many, this an interesting read.

Well, I also find this interesting, but for different reasons than Stordalen. Because this shows how woke is about to destroy the economy of Western civilization.

What kind of values are young Americans interested in? You guessed it: climate, diversity and social justice.

This closely relates to the challenges that companies are having to navigate with acronyms such as: DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

Stordalen’s hotel chain Nordic Choice uses a separate term for this: We Care.

WeCare 2019 is an annual report that takes a deep dive into Nordic Choice Hotels sustainability work. Here you can read about the objectives and results within focus areas of ethical trade, diversity, local social responsibility, global social responsibility, environmentally friendly hotel management and sustainable food.

Who really believes that Stordalen cares? They encourage us not to change towels to save the environment. In practice, this means that the hotels save a lot of money by dropping some washing machines.

Must be taken seriously

Norwegian employers must now take this seriously, even if the survey does not say anything about Norway, believes Stordalen.

Young people, especially Millennials (born between 1980 and the end of the 90s) and Generation Z (born between the end of the 90s and 2010) will make stricter demands on employers’ values and CSR work. A challenge for business owners and employers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves taking responsibility beyond creating financial value for shareholders. This is «stakeholder capitalism», which is one of Bond villain Klaus Schwab’s fads. The Great Reset, remember?

Stordalen advises young people to quit their job if the boss or the company does not share their values. This is Stordalen’s hope.

Reading about conscious quitting actually gives me hope. I think young people growing up today see that a world characterised by increased polarisation and authoritarian regimes must be confronted with other values.

This is simply high level idiocy. Firstly: A company must have one and only goal, and that is to create value for its shareholders, within laws and regulations. Safe workplaces and a good working environment are means, not an end in themselves.

Values about climate and LBGTQ ideology are totally uninteresting, young workers who focus on such things instead of doing a good job should not quit, they should be fired.

Authoritarian regimes have taken over the Western democracies. Especially the USA, but also here in Europe the people have lost their influence. The EU has probably five presidents that no ordinary person voted for.

It is precisely these ideas and ideals that really create division. We have seen recent examples with large companies in the US using a man to promote women’s products.

Now Nike has also chosen Dylan Mulvaney as the face of Nike Woman sportswear. It is so ridiculous that Stordalen must be enthusiastic.

It’s not former Olympic swimming medalist Sharron Davies.

The ad feels like a parody of what women are.

Only one percent of sponsorship funds go to women, and now parts of these funds are to be confiscated by men. Davies is not impressed.

Dylan is advertising sports bras when there’s nothing to put in the sports bra, when actually it’s really important women get proper support when they do sport. It just doesn’t make sense.

Nike reduced its sponsorship of Allyson Felix by 70 percent. Cause? She became pregnant. Felix is dark-skinned and has 10 Olympic medals. Several other female athletes were subjected to something similar when they became pregnant.

Dylan Mulvaney can’t get pregnant because he’s a man.

Are these the values that Stordalen wants to include?

The time is ripe for more business owners to work for a more responsible and sustainable capitalism.

Well, Stordalen: This focus on everything other than profitable companies, which manage without «sustainable» climate subsidies, is precisely the reason why our economy is moving towards a cliff.

The hypocrisy is also present, since Stordalen actually acquired Ving in 2019, a company that makes a living by sending people by plane to the South. While he was married to Gunhild, holidays by private plane to South Sea islands were completely kosher. In 2021, he used a private plane on 230 occasions, while paying tribute to Greta Thunberg.

It is suspected that Stordalen follows his ex-wife’s advice when it comes to diet, and has therefore lost his mind.

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