A funny American website deals with all the statements and claims Biden makes, and subjects them to so-called fact checks. The political battleground is no worse than at väkkeit.no.

The site is called factcheckbiden.com. However, you must be in the US or have a VPN to access the site. You should really have a VPN anyway, it probably costs around NOK 1,000 a year and is very practical.

The site appears to have been active since December 2021, with very few and very sporadic fact-checks until January of this year. But now it seems as if the site has gained new activity.

For April 25, the site published a total of 25 of these fact checks. The variation is great, and some of the cases should already be familiar to those of you who read Document. I picked out some examples from the first page.

Biden’s Deficit Spin

Biden continues to brag absurdly that his policies reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion.

This is FALSE. Biden’s policies did not lower the deficit, and he continues to enact policies that increase the deficit. Won’t you take our word for it? See what economic experts and fact-checkers from the liberal media are saying.

Biden Was Never A Professor At The University Of Pennsylvania

Biden has never taught, he received nearly $1 million from the school and only visited the campus nine times over a two-year period.

Biden Exaggerates Trips To Iraq, Afghanistan

Biden often lies that he has visited Iraq and Afghanistan from 30 to 50 times, but in reality the correct number is 21.

Football Dropout Joe Biden’s Ridiculous Claim That He Could Have Gone Pro

Biden has twice claimed that he almost walked on to a named NFL team and thought he could turn pro in American football.

There is zero evidence of this – Biden barely played any college football, briefly practicing as part of the freshman team before his father forced him to quit the team because of bad grades.

Interestingly, Biden has also lied at least six times about his grandfather being an “All-American football player”.

Biden has claimed at least six times now that his grandfather was an All-American football player at Santa Clara University.

Quite impressive from Biden’s grandfather, since Santa Clara did not have a serious American football team at the time he was at the university in the years 1900-02.

This is how it continues, both interesting and funny. Let’s hope the explosive activity from April 25 continues, this is worth a VPN in itself!

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