Last night Tucker showed new and previously unknown clips from January 6. The strongest was the interview with the policeman responsible for the Senate’s security. Tarik Johnson was a lieutenant and had 22 years of driving experience. Above him was Yogananda Pittman, who was a political appointee. She belonged to Nancy Pelosi’s circle.

Pelosi refused all requests from the president for reinforcements from the National Guard on the day a joint Congress was to approve Biden. A mega meeting was announced at the other end of the Mall. The fact that the legal complaints had not been heard either meant that the frustration built up.

The Democrats and the media have a bad case. If their story had had solid legs to stand on, they could calmly face Tucker’s revelations and fill in the discrepancy between their own version and what Tucker showed.

But their problem is that they have lied and manipulated. The special committee to investigate on January 6 kicked out the Republicans nominated by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. There were sharp people like Jim Jordan. Pelosi knew they would ask uncomfortable questions about security, so she kicked them out and brought in two so-called Republicans, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney. These hated Trump even more than the Democrats and were willing to do anything to quell him, i.e. prevent him from running in 2024.

The Democrats hired a professional television producer to arrange the hearings. They were to captivate the nation with live television all day. But that didn’t happen. People quickly lost interest. Why? Because everything was pre-arranged and pre-recorded. It all bore the stamp of direction. A spectacle process.

It was a testimony that made even the Norwegian media go bananas, and that was Cassidy Hutchinson’s explanation. She came up with more shocking “information”: Trump allegedly ordered the police to remove the security devices that could detect weapons. But no weapons were ever found among the 6 January people. Does not matter. The Democrats and the media were willing to believe anything. They needed to hear a shocking story of how it could have gone: Maybe a massacre of congressmen? After January 6, there were several Democrats who cried and behaved hysterically and told stories without the slightest root in reality. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed she escaped into the bathroom to avoid being raped. She heard them breathing outside! she said, even though she was several blocks away.

But what got the media really fired up was when Hutchinson said that Trump had ordered the car The Beast to Capitol Hill to take control of the “storming” himself. The Secret Service refused. Then Trump physically assaulted the driver and tried to take control. TV2 sent newsflash: This was the smoking gun. Trump had lost his temper. Wasn’t that what we knew!!! Triumph!

But the Secret Service had explained itself to the committee. There was nothing about any assault in their explanation. Hutchinson’s story was easily checked with the Secret Service’s Bobby Engel, whom Hutchinson quoted. But then we heard nothing more. When the committee “closed”, some testimony was made public, but not Engels. His explanations and those of many others were transferred to the National Archives, where they are well preserved behind a lengthy procedure to get them out.

The media was not interested in the truth. That’s the big difference compared to how the US used to work. The same media that lives on the Pentagon Papers and Watergate have become “like Nixon”: They want to control the flow of news. Only their version will be released.

This is what Tucker exposes, and the media and Democrats cannot control themselves. Their reaction on Tuesday to the first program says it all: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stood in plenary and demanded that Rupert Murdoch stop the next broadcast. His Republican counterpart, Mitch McConnell, said Tucker’s revelations were shameless and damaged democracy.

On television, the commentators poured out their contempt for Tucker. Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns said it was reminiscent of the Nazis’ Potemkin backdrop (the term originates from Catherine the Great and is native to Russia).

After everything that has happened in the US since 2015, one has to wonder if their own obsessions have made them mentally unstable. They cannot distinguish truth from lies and right from wrong.

Policeman Johnson was not called by the January 6 Committee. He just sat and waited. He relied on first-hand information. But Johnson did not belong to Pelosi’s circle. Someone had put a Trump cap on him when he tried to force his way up the steps to the Rotunda to save some police officers. That picture was enough for him to be fired and lose his pension. But Pittmann was promoted and is today head of security at Berkeley University in California.

Tucker has punctured a boil. Everyone knows that these are unmanipulated recordings. The police closed the doors to the Senate. The demonstrators could not enter. Nevertheless, the media and the Democrats portrayed it as if they were in mortal danger.

There are still 100 Americans in detention awaiting trial. The defenders have asked to be handed over the video recordings that could show what was going on. The Department of Justice and federal judges have blocked access to the footage. This is in direct violation of US law.

The law has become a weapon against the people.

The media made QAnon shaman Jacob Chansley the symbol of January 6th. The videos show him being escorted around by police officers who let him in everywhere. He was on a guided tour. For this he received 41 months in prison.

In announcing his sentence in November 2021, U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth described Chansley, a Navy veteran with no criminal record and a history of mental disorders, as the “epitome” of January 6 and insisted his conduct was “horrific.” (Chansley was not charged with a violent crime.) He is currently serving a 41 month prison term.

Around 1,000 people have ended up in the FBI’s “dragnet”, the big trawl bag. There are many indications that January 6 was planned, not by Trump, but by the Democrats, the security apparatus and with the support of the media. It’s the same cast as during Russiagate, which they did for three years.

January 6 was used to brand the MAGA movement as a terrorist and criminalize it. Many lives are broken. People are frightened from sense and gathering. The entire justice system has been restructured in order to combat the turn of extremism on the right.

These are the same tones as in Western Europe, including Norway.

FBI chief Christopher Wray has not wanted to answer how many FBI agents and informants were present on January 6. People had known for several days that something was going to happen. Nevertheless, no preparations were made. What was done was to weaken security. Trump had offered 10,000 from the National Guard. But Pelosi declined. Repeatedly.

During the special committee’s hearings, one topic was off-limits: Nancy Pelosi’s role and the security measures she enacted.

January 6 has been stinking for a long time. If people see that the Democrats, the deep state, and the media have run a game they can use against the Trump voters, after first stealing the election, they have completed a coup from within.

First they betray the people, then they want to put them on trial as terrorists.

Americans will never forgive such a betrayal.

But such are the odds in this American tragedy.

2024 will be a battle for history and for who will have power.

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