A new darkness descends across the land as Bill Gates and Jonas Gahr Støre met up for a romantic Valentine’s breakfast at the Prince of Gaslighting’s residence, to discuss their new love child: climate change. As always, their new endeavour will be prohibitively expensive and completely infeasible.

“Health and vaccines have long been the focus of the collaboration between Norway and one of the world’s richest men. Now, there is an even bigger problem to be solved,” writes Aftenposten, who alone were the witnesses of yet another destructive move from our prime minister, after the two turtledoves had finished their Valentine’s breakfast. Gates aims to help Støre with the prime minister’s new foreign policy baby.

– The scope of the problem is so enormous that it is frightening, Gates told Aftenposten.

Indeed, the problem is so enormous that it is frightening, though not for the reasons Gates or Støre provide. Rather, the problem is politicians behaving like charmed schoolgirls and prostitutes faced with dark men with blood money sticking out of their pockets.

Norway is completely off-its-hinges. Norwegian politicians have donated billions to Gates through various organizations, contributing to the largest vaccine experiment in world history – an experiment that has cost the lives and health of many. The Norwegian contributions have led to people around the world collapsing from cardiac arrest. Norwegian politicians have been lining the pockets of Bill and Hillary Clinton, another “close” friend of Støre, who, like select representatives of the Norwegian royal family, have enjoyed themselves alongside world-famous paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Not much time has passed since a proud Støre basked in the presumed radiance of Hillary Clinton.

There is an overwhelming probability that Norway has contributed to the sabotaging of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. It was an ill omen that when Støre assumed the responsibility as prime minister, that his first day was marked by the Kongsberg terror attack. An act of terrorism which was swept under a blanket of excuses. Since then, things have only gone downhill. An energy crisis, an energy price crisis, the opening of concessions to the wind power mafia once again, increased taxes, increased interest rates, increased inflation and legalisation of insects for human consumption. The list goes on. And now, Gates and Støre are going to collaborate closely on climate change matters? What on Earth could possibly go wrong?

It’s reassuring then, that we are heading towards a new “pandemic” and that the new injection has already been classified as “safe and effective,” after a medical trial was conducted on 40 people. The WHO already held a crisis meeting and the media have started scaremongering.

But relax, folks, we’re in good hands, because Støre and Gates will be working closely together on both of their passions: public health and climate change. “The two things are also closely related,” according to Gates, because “extreme weather is a major threat to health in a number of countries”. Together with eggs, increased muscle mass and cold, extreme weather which we are told are causes of sudden cardiac arrest.

As always, there is a sense of urgency to implement draconian changes. We only have 27 years left, according to Gates. Whether his calculations are off or whether we have suddenly changed the target year from 2030 to 2050, only time will tell.

– We are talking about changing all transport, the production of electricity and industrial processes such as steel, cement and fertilizer. And we [only] have 27 years to go.

– We must both invent, create pilots, scale up production, reduce costs and then implement it globally for each of these areas of emission. Some days it’s like, ‘Oh, are we going to make it or not?'” says Gates.

And guess who is gullible enough to take on the leadership role in this utopian fairytale? Why, none other than Støre, of course.

“Støre has a leadership role in an initiative that will become a global energy alliance. The aim is to achieve something of the same within climate and energy as Gavi has achieved with health and vaccines”, writes Aftenposten.

Together with Norway, “large private and philanthropic initiatives from, for example, Rockefeller and Ikea” will finance the castle in the sky. Although Aftenposten fails to emphasize Norway’s financial contribution, we cannot expect anything less; money will be flying.

There is a reason why characters such as Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates flirt with Støre, who let himself be seduced by flattery and throws money after them faster than you can bat an eyelid. He recently announced that he wanted to donate 75 billion NOK of the Norwegian oil fund to Ukraine, but what about money for Norwegians you might ask? No, that’s too expensive. We’re too well off, the queues at the poorhouses are too short, raise the taxes!

Bill Gates knows that there is a lot of money to be extracted from the Prince of Gaslighting, that is, the Norwegian oil wealth. Gates’ motivation probably lies in the umbrella organization Breakthrough Energy, which he founded in 2015. The organization receives money for projects “which are initially a bit too expensive”. This means that government subsidies are required in order to make them profitable, and therefore Gates flirts with Støre, who goes right ahead, so that investors such as Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Jack Ma will profit by appearing as moral heroes.

“The goal is for the price of the product to be low enough for the market to catch on.” What Gates and Støre are actually creating is a fusion between states, organizations and large corporations, much to the delight of the World Economic Forum (WEF), as this is precisely the intention behind the so-called “climate crisis”. So that industry and “green solutions”, which will never be profitable in the free markets, will provide the investors with profits through government subsidies. So-called green innovation will never be profitable on its own, and this is why we must have sky-high electricity prices: so that someone can profit off wind power.

Just fasten your seat belts, because if you thought it was bad now, it’s about to get a whole worse.

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