Dr. Jennifer Hibberd  is one of Canada’s top dental surgeons, a co-founder of Canadian Covid Care Alliance and a champion for health and human rights. A long side Dr. Richard Urso and Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Hibberd works tirelessly to inform people about Covid-19 and the vaccines.

Hibberd explains how and why she got involved in the movement of doctors who speak up about Covid-19 and the Covid-vaccines, which our governments are so keen to keep in the dark. She has written several papers and is the co-author of the largest Ivermectin study in the world. She is dedicated to serving as a consultant and promoter of health and personal sovereignty around the world.

Hibberd is a dental surgeon, clinical scientist, university educator, lecturer and scientific editor. She has launched and is affiliated with prominent organizations both nationally and internationally.

Welcome to an interview with Dr. Jennifer Hibberd.


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