«There’s so much happening,» is a common phrase from our editor-in-chief Hans Rustad and he is right. There is so much going on at all times that keeping up can be very challenging. Therefore, when we sat down with Dr. Robert Malone in Vienna earlier this December, we decided to go back to the beginning:

What is mRNA-technology? What are the benefits? Why is it important to speak up about the Covid injections? These were among the questions we asked Dr. Malone, but quite naturally we also touched upon the topics of cancel culture, conspiracies, and the lies governments tell people, all of which he has written about in his book Lies my Gov’t Told Me.

We can easily understand how Joe Rogan’s podcast with Dr. Malone went on for three hours. Dr. Malone’s insight and thoughts make for a very interesting conversation about life, legacy, and the future of humanity, which we would love to expand on. That is why we are inviting him back to Doc-TV again in the not too distant future.

Welcome to an interview with Dr. Robert Malone:


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