It doesn’t please the powers that be to say that Rassemblement National won the most votes in the second round of elections in France:
Facebook took down Documents’ post on the matter based on the French Ministry of the Interior’s official figures.

This tells you a lot about the kind of digital regime the public is subject to.
You’re simply not supposed to know that it’s the RN that has the greatest support, even if it doesn’t result in the greatest outcome.
In its magnanimity, FB reports the crime:

But when you want to investigate which of the suggested possibilities exist for following up the case, you only get to a generic page where there is no trace of reactions to the thought crime.
Facebook’s automated system straightforwardly misinterprets information, and the times when you are technically given the opportunity to complain about the algorithm’s vandalism, there is a straightforward apology from FB when a human has gone in and seen that it is not about misleading information.
But not this time. You try to find your way around the online Kafka world, but inevitably fall short every now and then.

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