On Tuesday, a unanimous Storting (Norwegian parliament) voted in favor of five amendments to the Constitution that will ensure the independence of the courts. Chairman of the Control and Constitutional Affairs Committee, Peter Frølich (H), says Norway must protect itself against politicians who can carry out coups.

Frølich has given several interviews in which he talks about coups, but without being specific. He makes a half-hearted statement, but there is hardly any doubt that he is referring to Trump, Le Pen, Orban – i.e. the right wing. It is unprecedented in Norwegian history that a unanimous Storting (parliament) changes the constitution with reference to the risk of a coup.

– We have seen beyond the country’s borders how opportunistic politicians, and even coup-makers, can exploit weaknesses, constitutional weaknesses, and use the courts as a tool for their own political gain. The moment that happens, our rule of law is in serious danger. Now it has become more difficult, Mr. President, here in Norway,” Frølich said about the decision.

In the US, the Biden regime has turned the judiciary into a political weapon and is pursuing Biden’s challenger. But this does not seem to worry the Storting.

The FBI has intervened in two elections and the Democrats have started two impeachment processes. But it bounces off like water on a parliamentary goose.

– President, the independence of the judiciary is neither under pressure nor threatened in today’s Norway, but no one knows what the future holds. Here, too, authoritarian forces may emerge that want to get rid of a troublesome countervailing power, which independent courts can be,” said spokesperson Frode Jacobsen (Ap) when the matter was up for debate. (NTB)

“Authoritarian forces”. The Conservatives and the Labor Party are in agreement, with the other parties trailing behind.

Not a peep. The vote was done orally so that everyone could see if anyone voted no.

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