Donald Trump turned himself in last night, Swedish time, to the sheriff of Foulton County, Georgia, who hasn’t hidden his pleasure in treating Trump as an ordinary criminal. Trump has avoided having his picture taken in the three other cases pending against him. But this time, the Democrats got their wish fulfilled. They revel in the humiliation. The question is whether the voters see it the same way.

So far, Trump’s popularity has risen with each indictment. Voters react to the sitting administration prosecuting the strongest challenger to the sitting president.

On top of everything, there are constantly new revelations about Biden’s corruption. But nothing happens with that.

The question is whether the voters accept that the USA is turning into a banana republic. The USA has now transformed into a country akin to Venezuela or Ecuador. If it had happened in any other country, the Western media would have reacted.

The Democrats believe that different laws apply to Trump than to them. Regardless of what the Democrats do, it has no consequences: Whether it’s the use of the FBI to spread false accusations, accusations that are later dismantled by Inspector General Michael Horowitz or Special Investigator John Durham. The sentences these have passed have been crushing, but nothing happens.

Trump got 66 million voters in 2016, almost 75 million in 2020. They are the ones who are being pursued. The Democrats want to set an example: Trump is treated as a rebel. But the question is who the real rebel is.

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