The American embassy in Copenhagen was involved when islam-basher Rasmus Paludan was banned from participating in a huge political event on the island Bornholm, called the Folkemødet (People’s meeting). It caused a stir when the Bornholm police prohibited Rasmus Paludan from taking part in the Folkemødet on Bornholm, an event that gathers thousands of people every year. It is rare that an individual is denied entry to a public meeting. The police cited an exceptionally high threat level. Now, it turns out that the American embassy in Copenhagen was in close contact with the Department of Justice regarding Paludan. The Biden administration doesn’t approve of Quran burnings.

It all started when Paludan burned a Quran in Stockholm on January 21. Erdogan reacted immediately and threatened to block Sweden’s accession to NATO. Suddenly, Paludan became a matter of international politics.

Jyllands-Posten has gained access to the post journals in the Department of Justice, which reveal the close communication between the embassy and the department. The newspaper has applied to see the actual correspondence but has been denied due to concerns about foreign influence. However, there is no doubt that the State Department intervened in whether Paludan should be allowed to participate in a political event.

Additionally, another circumstance emerged: Mette Frederiksen emerged as a candidate to take over from Stoltenberg as the new Secretary-General of NATO.”

“Paludan’s Quran burnings became a matter of international politics. He became a disruptive element in NATO’s expansion. The USA was directly involved in Danish domestic politics. The news came as a surprise to Danish observers.

Officially, it was claimed that the ban was imposed for Paludan’s own safety. In reality, it may have been due to pressure from the Biden administration. This does not sit well with the Danish public. Paludan is not exactly beloved by the media or the majority of the population, but the idea that the USA can determine who gets to participate in the Folkemødet doesn’t sound good.

The hidden game where the USA intervenes in Danish affairs is not well-received by the Danes. The Department of Justice was receptive to the USA’s wish to have Mette Frederiksen as Secretary-General.”

“Even before the embassy got involved, the alarm sounded at the Prime Minister’s office. Crisis plans were devised.

Denmark, of course, remembers the costs of the first cartoon crisis in 2005/2006. Now, it concerned the Quran. With a large Islamic country as a member, Erdogan had a say. For the USA, it was about war and geopolitics. Then, freedom of expression in a small country matters less.

But Paludan is stubborn. He refused to follow the entry ban. The result was that the Bornholm police imposed a prohibited zone on the island. It was enforced by a strong police force.

In Stockholm, it was a Christian Iraqi who burned a Quran.

On Thursday night, the Swedish embassy in Baghdad burned.

The same happened to the Nordic embassies in Damascus in 2006.

The Islamic State organization wants a ban on Quran burnings, and the Swedish Foreign Minister has invited the Secretary-General to Sweden.

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