Salwan Momika, who held a demonstration outside the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm on Thursday, was met by around a hundred upset counter-demonstrators. One of them wanted to send him out of the country to be beheaded.

Documents’ correspondent, Roger Sahlström, captured the woman on film as she vehemently expressed her threat against Salwan Momika.

“You should be extradited to Iran, to Iraq, they should hang you there,” the woman shouts, among other things. “You should be decapitated there, that’s what you should be,” the woman continues, saying:

“You little immigrant.”

Bulletin can now also reveal that the woman who made the threats is the so-called “Kurdish Beaver”. A woman who sexextorted a Swedish member of parliament.

According to Bulletin, the moderate member of parliament, Kjell Jansson, was pressured for money to finance a pair of silicone breasts. If he did not comply, the woman threatened to publish sex pictures of him after a night of intimacy.

In April, the woman was sentenced to probation with community service for extorting the member of parliament.


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