After it became known that a Muslim billionaire will convert one of London’s most famous buildings into a mosque, Andrew Tate wrote on Twitter that soon Britain would be fully Islamic.

– Alhamdulillah, Britain will be fully Islamic soon.

Asif Aziz, known as “Mr. West End,” will take over the Trocadero in the capital’s center. The billionaire is the CEO and founder of the property group Criterion Caption.

The Trocadero, located between Piccadilly Circus and Soho, first opened in 1896 as a restaurant – but it closed in 1965, writes The US Sun.

It reopened in 1984 as an exhibition and entertainment center and was scaled down in 2011 before part of the building reopened as a hotel in 2020.

Aziz bought the Trocadero for more than £220 million in 2005. He had applied to build a 1,000-person capacity mosque, but the plans were withdrawn due to backlash from residents.

But now Westminster Council has approved a three-story mosque for 390 worshippers, reports the Daily Mail.

Reports say the mosque will be called “Piccadilly Prayer Space” and could be open within months.

A council spokesperson said an application by the Aziz Foundation to convert part of the London Trocadero was approved by the council’s planning committee in May 2023.

Andrew Tate, who converted to Islam in October 2022, writes that it’s fantastic news.

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