The WHO and the EU signed an agreement on Monday that uses the EU’s corona certificate as a basis for creating a global health certificate. WHO and the EU celebrated the agreement as a major step towards global health control. The critics see that it is about total control a la China.

WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyesus and the EU’s health commissioner signed an agreement on Monday that they describe as a milestone.

The Covid pandemic underlined the value of digital health solutions to facilitate health services, said Tedros during the signing in Geneva.

He says the EU’s corona certificate will now be turned into “a global public good” as the first step in the development of a global network for digital health certification. In the long term, this will include digitised international vaccination cards, explains the WHO chief. (NTB)

The public has had the opportunity to process the experiences from the pandemic and there are many objections. If there was one thing the critics agreed on, it was that the authorities introduced lockdowns, masks and mandatory vaccinations without listening to specialist knowledge and privacy. Now they give themselves powers on a global level and claim it is to act as a precaution.

The aim is to help protect people from health threats, including future pandemics, and facilitate global mobility, says a joint statement from the WHO and the EU.

The network can also play an important role in humanitarian incidents across national borders by ensuring people have access to health records and other information when conflicts, the climate crisis or other emergencies force them to cross borders, says Tedros.

The EU’s corona certificate – digital or in paper version – was used to document the vaccination and infection status of people who moved within the EU during the pandemic. Norway was also part of the scheme, which became the most widespread system for corona certification in the world. (NTB)

It seems as if the WHO and the EU are in a hurry to get ahead of citizens’ initiatives. The new WHO protocols will in practice introduce a global health dictatorship.

Norway is involved in this, without debate.

The 2019 pandemic was unleashed by China as a bioweapon. The world has not recovered from the ripple effects, now the WHO is given dictatorial powers.

The speed with which this is happening and the lack of discussion means that scepticism only grows.

The public has very little confidence in the new system that makes us all “Chinese”.

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