After several days without a publicly known position, the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford has now been reported in northern Norway. The ship comes from a visit to Oslo.

Many people have been very interested in where this ship is at any given time, others could not care less. After the highly publicised Oslo visit, the ship apparently disappeared without a trace somewhere in the sea off Norway.

The Norwegian Defence Forces, stated:

For security reasons, we cannot comment on where the vessel is at any time, or where it plans to sail, says Acting Communications Manager Thomas Gjesdal at the Norwegian Defense Operations Headquarters (FOH) to NRK.

NTB reports further.

The media are now again reporting on the ship’s position. On Saturday, the USS Gerald R. Ford lay in the middle of the Vestfjorden between Bodø and Lofoten.

The large aircraft carrier, the world’s largest of its kind, was placed under Nato command on Friday. A flight ban between Lofoten and Salten is said to have been introduced on the same day.

As a continued sign of transatlantic unity, the USS Gerald R. Ford was placed under NATO command while preparations are made for activity in the Norwegian Sea together with other maritime forces from allied nations, says Gjesdal.

The USS Gerald R. Ford also lay in the Oslo Fjord for several days and attracted large numbers of spectators there.

Thousands of crew from the ship disembarked in Oslo, bringing with it some good days in terms of sales for various restaurants and shops in central Oslo.

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