The EU’s environmental agency EEA makes a claim that reveals a very clear agenda.

The EEA claims that extreme weather in Europe has killed 195,000 people and caused economic damage worth NOK 6,500 billion since 1980.

In a report from the EEA (European Environment Agency) on Wednesday, it states the following:

“Almost 195,000 deaths were caused by floods, storms, heat and cold waves, forest fires and landslides between 1980 and 2021.”

According to the EEA’s figures, heat waves accounted for 81 per cent of the deaths and 15 percent of the economic losses, writes NTB.

It is important to move on from simply dealing with extreme weather events, to preparing by getting ahead of them, so that we can prevent further losses, says EEA expert Aleksandra Kazmierczak to AFP.

There is nothing in the report about how many people died from “extreme weather” between 1940-1980, or how the weather, which has always been the way it has been in modern man’s time, has now gone from being just weather to extreme weather.

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