At 228 kilometres per hour, Shaka Ameen thundered through Denmark in his Lamborghini Huracan Spider. He can now wave goodbye to the car after losing his appeal before the Danish court.

I am shocked. It is simply theft, says Ameen (32) to Danish TV2. The verdict was handed down on Friday.

On 7 October 2021, Ameen was on his way home to Stavanger after buying the Lamborghini in Germany. On the Hirtshals motorway, the North Jutland Police tracked him at 236 km/h. Ameen denied having driven so fast, but the car was impounded at the scene.

I admit that I have driven 150-160 kilometres per hour, but I have not driven 236 kilometres per hour. The police have no concrete evidence, Shakha Ameen told Danish TV2 in 2021.

Ameen spent last year in the district court now the Vestre Landsret has upheld the verdict: Ameen will not get his car back, the Lamborghini will be sold at auction.

Imprisonment and deportation

The court in Hjørring sentenced him to 20 days in prison last year when the case went before the district court in February. Now the Vestre Landsret, which answers to the Court of Appeal in Norway, has upheld the verdict.

Since the 32-year-old was driving at least 228 kilometres per hour, the offence comes under the Danish Road Traffic Act and the provisions on so-called speed driving.

In addition to the impounded car and prison, Ameen, who runs Våland Bilpleie og Service (Våland Car Care and Service) in Stavanger, was also given an entry ban to Denmark for six years. This causes problems for the 32-year-old, he says to VG.

Caused problems

It’s incredible. It has caused a lot of trouble for me as I drive and import cars. It is a place you travel through when going to and from Germany, says the Stavanger man.

He says that he is now warning friends and acquaintances who travel through Denmark.

I advise them all to drive nicely and calmly and to preferably have a camera in the car. This is based on my own experience of not being believed. It’s not the same old Denmark, at least not if you have an expensive car, he claims.

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