According to a new opinion poll run by InFact on behalf of the Oslo Progress Party, there is a blue majority in Oslo City Hall.

The survey indicates that both the Progress Party and the Labor Party are on the rise in the capital. Compared to the election results in 2019, the FrP advances with one new mandate, while the Labor Party is left with the same number of mandates as they have today, writes Dagsavisen.

I am not satisfied. This is going to be very even, so it is motivating for us that it is moving forward a little. I hope that we manage to increase the support even more, says city council leader and top candidate for Oslo Ap, Raymond Johansen.

For MDG and Rødt, the measurement is bad news, as they lose many mandates, while for the Christian People’s Party, the Center Party, the People’s Party (formerly FNB) and Danny Chaudry’s group, it is even worse, as they do not get a single mandate.

KrF and the Center Party end up below the limit in this measurement, but they only need a few more supporters to get a mandate. They each belong to their own block. It illustrates how even and uncertain this election is. There are extremely small margins, says law professor Johan Giertsen.

The largest increase compared to the previous election is for the Conservative Party (up 7.6 percentage points), SV (up 3.1 percentage points) and the Liberal Party (up 2.8 percentage points).

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