Following a strong request from one parent, the headmaster at Åse school in Ålesund decided to drop the Pride flag an hour after it was raised, on Tuesday morning. The right’s mayoral candidate in Sunnmørsbyen, Monica Molvær, reacted negatively to the rector’s election.

It is true that we flew the Pride flag on Monday morning. Then we took it down again at 09:00 on Tuesday, says principal Vigdis Rønning to Sunnmørsposten.

She says that it was at the strong request of one parent that she made this decision.

The background is that a parent does not want to stand behind the entire ideology behind the organisation Fri. That is why we chose to take down the flag at this request. The parent did not want to send their child to school as long as the flag was up, explains Rønning.

Screenshot: Sunnmørsposten, Tuesday 13.06.23

Sunnmørsposten has also spoken to the municipal head of education, Bjørn Ivar Rødal, who says it is up to each individual school to decide on how they want to flag and mark Pride.

The individual principal decides, says Rødal. (Sunnmørsposten)

The newspaper has not succeeded in getting hold of mayor Eva Vinje Aurdal (Ap), but writes that from the mayor and higher up, there has been encouragement to mark Pride – but not exactly how.


The Conservative mayoral candidate, Monica Molvær, is ending her term of office in the Center Association in the city and does not like the rector’s choice:

It is important to show diversity. Statistics show that on average there is one person in a school class who has a different orientation. The young are in a fragile time and are vulnerable. Then they need support to be who they are, says Molvær.

So you think the principal at Åse school should refrain from taking the flag down again?

Yes, I mean that. It is important that the adults do not learn prejudice. They should rather set a good example with a view to showing generosity and diversity, says Monica Molvær.

The mayoral candidate also points out that the Pride flag has nothing directly to do with the organisation Fri. (Sunnmørsposten)

Sunnmøringers tend to be rarely tongue-tied, so if this mouthful holds true, they now have the opportunity to speak their minds, both to the brave rector Vigdis Rønning and to the not-so-brave mayoral candidate from the Conservative Party.

PS. This shows that it is useful to speak up, even for a poor parent in the age of the woke!

School raised the Pride flag – took it down after protest (Sunnmørsposten – paywall)

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