According to the police, the woman who was stabbed in the centre of Notodden on Sunday evening appears to be a random victim. A man in his teens has been charged.

The police state that at 22:09 on Sunday they received a report that a woman in her 30s had been stabbed in the centre of Notodden.

The woman’s injuries are not life-threatening and she is being treated in hospital.

A man in his late teens has been arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm, says police attorney Tine Henriksen in a press release.

At 12 o’clock on Monday, neither the victim nor the arrested suspect had been questioned, but the police say they aim to do so during Monday. Henriksen confirmed that it appears that the woman was a random victim.

She was just stabbed without any connection or explanation as to why it happened.

Based on the information gathered, there was no relationship or contact with the victim and the suspect before she was injured.

Henriksen says that the suspect is known to the police, but only for minor matters. Whether the man is to be put on remand will be decided during Monday.

The police are still not providing further information about the suspect.

Further forensic work is now being carried out, where, among other things, surveillance material will be collected and witnesses questioned. The police are looking for information from people who may have seen something in connection with the incident.

Notodden has been the scene of a high number of similar cases recently.

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