The police were called out to the Grønland subway station this evening, following a report of gunshots. No one was injured.

Once again, Greenland in inner Oslo east is the scene of an incident involving weapons, and the police have had a major incident.

According to the police, there was a conflict between two parties at the scene. One of those involved is said to have fired a shot with a handgun, with all those involved then running from the scene.

No one has been reported injured. The police are looking for those involved, as well as recording witness statements and securing evidence at the scene, the police notified the press.

Press guard Jan Rustad in Sporveien tells NTB that the police have now gained access to surveillance images from after the incident.

The police’s task leader Magnus Strande tells NTB that the incident has many witnesses.

They explain that there has been a scuffle between three to four people. Two of these are said to have drawn weapons at each other, one of whom has fired shots, says Strande.

The incident leader at the scene does not want to divulge what kind of weapon has been used, but says that findings at the scene indicate that a gun has been used.

The development of violence in the area has caused concern and fear, bringing to mind what is being witnessed in so-called vulnerable areas in neighbouring Sweden.

The police understand the seriousness of what is happening:

This is very serious and not something we should have in our cityscape. The fact there are no injuries is a miracle, says the task leader.

The police have not yet identified those involved, nor are they giving any information to the public.

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